About Us

Yellowsapphire.org.in is a venture of Venus Enterprises established in the year 2003. Venus Enterprises has been strongly focusing on natural gemstones industry from last 15 years. India’s one of the biggest suppliers of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Having a strong physical distribution network of 2000 dealers across globe counting Jewelers, distributors, fashion designers, exporters and astrologers under their belt. Yellowsapphire.org.in is very grateful for the long-standing relationships we’ve built since 2003.

Yellowsapphire.org.in strongly focuses on Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstones (Pukhraj Ratna), Each yellow sapphire gemstone is accompanied with Gem Authentication certificate by Gemlab. All the yellow sapphire gemstones sold by Venus Enterprises are accurately described to the very best of their knowledge and information — Gem Type, Size, Weight, Shape, Cut, Color, and Clarity. We fully guarantee that all of our yellow sapphire stones are natural gemstones and untreated.

You can check our collection of Ceylon Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstones @ Shop.YellowSapphire.org.in

Commitments To Our Customers:

  1. All photographs are actual images of the gemstone you will receive. We use professional calibration software to ensure that we show the most accurate representation of the actual gemstone on-screen.
  2. We offer 7 Day Return Policy.
  3. All payment and credit card information is handled on a secure (SSL) page by EBS (E-Billing Solutions) with 128bit encryption.
  4. We have no access to your credit card or financial information, and no personal information is stored on our website.
  5. We will never sell your email address, browsing patterns, or any other personal information.

For more details please contact us at info@yellowsapphire.org.in or call us at +91 9216116688, 183-2279999