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Can Yellow Topaz Be Worn As A Substitute Of Yellow Sapphire Stone?

A natural yellow sapphire is jaw-droppingly expensive. The excellent physical attributes along with the unique metaphysical qualities contribute to making this stone jaw-droppingly expensive.

It is inflexible for a common man to afford a natural yellow sapphire stone due to its high cost. However, considering the astrological benefits & healing powers attached to this stone everybody aspires to wear a real yellow sapphire stone which is next to impossible.

Therefore, people who believe in the competencies of this stone often inquire about the alternatives of yellow sapphire stone.

Apparently, several gemstones can be worn by an individual as a replacement of this stone. However, as far as a most preferable substitute of this stone is considered to be Yellow Topaz stone.

Now the question emerges that can yellow topaz fills the void created by yellow sapphire stone?

So, as per astrologers & renowned gemologist, the answer is “yes,” they admit that yellow topaz stone can replace yellow sapphire stone partially.

By partially, we mean that though a yellow topaz stone can’t provide the equivalent benefits as a genuine yellow sapphire does. But it still serves the purpose effectively for those who have a tight budget and can’t pay for the expensive yellow sapphire stone.


A yellow topaz stone falls in the category of semi-precious stone. A semi-precious stone is that stone which has subordinate physical and metaphysical properties compared to precious stones.

Nonetheless, these stones also preserve several divine & spiritual forces which can bring prosperity, wealth and sound health.

On the similar lines, by wearing yellow topaz stone, one can obtain several health benefits along with prosperity and bliss. However, in comparison to natural yellow sapphire, these stones endow secondary results But going by their affordable price and easy availability a person should wear yellow topaz stone as replacement of yellow sapphire stone.

Apart from astrological reason, it is a highly attractive stone, so one should also don it during wedding, engagement and other auspicious occasions.

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