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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire gemstone belongs to Planet Jupiter that is a symbol of wisdom, good luck, fortune, and happiness. Wearing yellow sapphire gemstone bestows the wearer with good fortune, prosperity, and success in life.

Magnetic Powers:

Yellow Sapphire gemstone helps the wearer to tackle with the health problems such as jaundice, ulcer, diarrhea, heart problems, etc.

When yellow sapphire comes in contact with the body, the rays of this stone are injected into the body and hence the balance between deficiency and excess is restored. Basically, gems are used for curative reasons.

  • Pukhraj stone has many other benefits. It is helpful for ladies in their early marriage.
  • The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is also beneficial for students in pursuing their higher studies.
  • Yellow sapphire stone worn in combination with other stones results in higher success for those who are preparing for competitive exams.
  • Pukhraj gemstone is most useful for those people who are in the trade and business professions.

This blog includes some of the questions and their answers that will help you to know more about yellow sapphire gemstone and its benefits?

Question: What types of diseases are cured by Yellow sapphire gemstone?

Answer: As mentioned above yellow sapphire gemstone cures many health problems. Here is a complete list of health issues that can be tackled by wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone, either alone or by wearing it in combination with other stones.

These health problems are insanity, hernia, appendicitis, phthisis, pleurisy, blood cancer, gland cancer, breast cancer, gallstones, meningitis, pancreatic trouble, stomach cancer, carbuncle, piles.

Question: Which professions get benefits from yellow sapphire gemstone?

Answer: People who are soldiers, professors, legal experts, envoys of peace, spiritualists and those in public service and public welfare are benefited by wearing pukhraj stone.

Question: Is pukhraj gemstone helpful for people who want Government jobs?

Answer: Yes, this gemstone is very beneficial for those who want government jobs and also for those who want to occupy high positions in government companies.

Question: What types of Business got benefits from Yellow Sapphire?

Answer: If you are in the following business, then yellow sapphire gemstones are going to do a miracle in your business. These businesses include dairy business, textile, finance, yarn, cosmetic items and artistic products.

Question: Does yellow sapphire gemstone is beneficial for people concerned with the film industry?

Answer: Well, the yellow sapphire gemstone is helpful for cinematographers, writers and for people who are in production of films.

Question: Which and How Birth signs (Rashis) get the benefits from yellow Sapphire?


Aries: If a yellow sapphire gemstone is worn during the sub-period of Jupiter, then Aries can attain good luck.

Cancer: Yellow Sapphire gemstone helps the Cancerians, by showering knowledge, grace, and ease of travel.

Sagittarius: This gemstone will help people to have increased mental peace and concentration.

Scorpio: Pukhraj gemstone will let you obtain good financial luck.

Leo: Yellow Sapphire gemstone will give extra guidance to lead their life in a good way.

Pisces: This gemstone will increase the spiritual, leadership and academic abilities of the Pisceans.

Question: How yellow sapphire gemstone ward off diseases affecting the liver and endocrine system?

Answer: Yellow Sapphire or pukhraj stone has a positive effect on the immune system. It helps to cure the problems related to the liver and endocrine system because pukhraj stone transmits a light blue color which increases the function of the pancreas and hence the metabolism rate increases which ultimately cure the diseases that are being affected by the liver.

Some Recommendations

If you are going for a new business venture, then it is advisable to wear your sapphire jewelry because this stone attracts wealth.

If you are facing some problems in married life, the yellow sapphire gemstone is very useful for you. It will bring happiness and hence strengthens your marriage.

Married Women who desire for a child should wear yellow sapphire gemstone as this stone is beneficial for fertility.

Some Buying Tips:

It is important to buy a yellow sapphire gemstone from a certified gemstone seller.

Always buy gemstone along with a third party certification. is the trusted suppliers of yellow sapphire gemstone at the best price. We provide GemLab certification along with each gemstone. You can check a wide range of yellow sapphire stones on our website.

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