Composition Of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The yellow sapphire gemstone also known as pukhraj stone is an aluminum oxide (Al 2 O3). It’s specific gravity is 3.99 to 4.00 and refractive index range is 1.760-1.768 to 1.770-1.779. Its hardness on Mohs scale is 9. It’s the next hardest mineral after diamond.

Chemical Composition of Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire is made up of aluminium oxide.

Gemological Properties of Yellow sapphire  –

Chemical Composition   –       AL2O3 (Aluminium Oxide).

Color                                 –      Any shade of yellow, from pale yellow
color to dark organish golden to greenish

Species                             –     Corundum

Density                            –      4.00

Birefringence                  –      0.008

Healing Properties of Yellow sapphire

Planet                 –       Jupiter

Cosmic Color     –       Light Yellow

Day                     –       Thursday

Time                   –        Sunset

Chakra                –       2nd, Ajna

Jupiter Mantra

–   “Om Bhrim Brihaspataye Namah” repeated 108
times at the time of wearing the Yellow Sapphire
Element              –    Ether