Price & Buying Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Gemstones have consistently been the object of admiration. Mankind loves to adorn itself with the radiant and graceful stone jewelry. For centuries gemstones have decorated the insignia of numerous royal families. Not only beauty and rare gemstones at the same time possess healing and rectifying powers, which were established by exceptional astrological ages ago.

When astrology evolved there had been no treatments of precious stones known to mankind, thus the stones made use of had been in there several natural forms. As the demand for natural gemstones increased and natural resources started depleting, man produced various procedures of treating ‘near gem quality stones’ to ‘gem high quality appearing stones’.

In modern day times there are scientific ways of examining a gemstone, which help identify its authenticity. Quality and value are uncommon in many things currently here we deliver numerous and really useful gemstones.

Our Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) stone is in its many natural forms. No heat treatment, no diffuse, no glass filling, no oiling, just the beauty, rarity and healing powers designed in millions of years by a purely natural process.

The price of the real great top quality yellow sapphire stone depends mainly on its color and clarity. The deeper the yellow color of the gem, greater could be the cost. Additionally, the superior the clarity of the stone the greater the price of the yellow sapphire stone.

Enhanced, heated or treated yellow sapphire, which are usually identified in the marketplace nowadays, is far less priced than the natural untreated stones.

Untreated and unheated eye clean Ceylon yellow sapphire (Sri Lankan) come with the selection of $100 per carat to $400 per carat, however, based on the quality of the stone, it can far exceed this price wide variety.

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