Rituals Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj)

  • Weight of Yellow Sapphire should not be less than 3 Ratti.
  • The wearer should wear Yellow Sapphire in a gold ring and index finger.
  • The wearer should wear Yellow Sapphire on Thursday.
  • While wearing Yellow Sapphire Ring, recite “OM GURUVE NAMAHA”.
  • One should pray to Jupiter for the best outcomes.
  • In order to get better benefit from Jupiter, one should feed a gram pulse to horse on Thursday.

Who Should Wear Yellow Sapphire Stone?

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj must be worn by those whose Zodiac Moon sign or Rashi is Pisces or place of  Jupiter is weak. Zodiac signs Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can get more benefit of it. Yellow Sapphire gemstone increases self-confidence and power.

Wearing a yellow sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone removes the inauspicious events of life. Yellow Sapphire is also well-known for its effects for stomach ailments.

The color yellow brings in a sense of learning and warmth. It is no wonder that people wearing the yellow sapphire are attracted towards knowledge. Happily married couples also give credit to the Yellow Sapphire for its presence in their lives.

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