Markets, Producers & Source Of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The finest bright yellow sapphire stone (also known as pukhraj stone) usually found in Ceylon, Sri Lanka. Indian market is famous for selling sapphires of fine quality. Yellow sapphire are also mined in Thailand, Australia, USA (Montana), Burma, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Tanzania and Kenya.

Best Source of yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj)

Sri lankan Sapphires

Best Source of Yellow Sapphire gemstone is Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire is most popularly demanded all over the world. Sri Lanka and India are generally the best places to purchase natural, untreated Yellow Sapphires.
The perfect bright yellow sapphire roughs at all times come from Sri Lanka. Indian market is incredibly popular for selling ceylon sapphires of beneficial clarity grade. As of 2007, Madagascar was leading the world production of sapphires.

Other sources of Yellow sapphire

Better quality Yellow Sapphires are also found in

  • Brazil – Brazilian Sapphires
  • Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan Sapphires
  • Thailand – Thai Sapphires
  • Myanmar (Burma) – Myanmar Sapphire
  • Cambodia – Cambodian Sapphire
  • Australia – Australian Sapphire
  • Africa – African Sapphire
  • Tasmania – Tasmania Sapphire
  • Japan – Japan sapphire
  • Mexico – Mexican Sapphire