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Impacts Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire On Zodiac Signs Part – 1

yellow sapphire stone

Yellow sapphire gemstone is considered to be one of the most benevolent and positive gemstones among the array of all gemstones.

The mystical and enrich connection of this stone with a planet of fortune, Jupiter make yellow sapphire one of the most important gemstone. Jupiter, which is also termed to be “teacher” of all planets is enormously popular for bestowing positive results in the lives of its wearer.

It is being famously said about the yellow sapphire stone that wearing this stone does not have any negative effects.

Therefore, individuals belonging to all zodiac signs can wear yellow sapphire gemstone. Let’s categorized below when natives of all zodiac signs should wear pukhraj or yellow sapphire gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire For Aries or Mesh:

Aries is regarded to be the first zodiac sign. Thus, wearing yellow sapphire stone proves quite benevolent for Aries sign. The Jupiter stays in the most benevolent 9th house which is known to drive enormous wealth, financial support for the individuals of Aries sign.

Furthermore, the Aries sign natives can also wear this gemstone during the major period of Jupiter to gain extreme positive results.

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj for Taurus or Vrishbha Rashi:

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus sign which does share a good equation with Jupiter. Furthermore, it resides in 8th house which altogether generates negative results or loss of wealth. Therefore, Taurus ascendants should only wear this stone during the major period of Jupiter to secure positive results.

Yellow Sapphire For Gemini or Mithun:

Jupiter is not acknowledged to be a positive planet for Gemini ascendants. Since it stays in the 7th or 10th house of its wearer which are regarded to be not so benevolent for its wearer.

Therefore, the yellow sapphire stone should be worn by Gemini ascendants only during the major period of Jupiter.

Yellow Sapphire For Cancer or Kark Rashi :

Yellow sapphire is considered to be one of the most favorable planets for cancer zodiac sign. The reason why yellow sapphire becomes so relevant and important planet is because it exists in 6th and 9th house of Cancer which brings fame and fortune in the lives of cancer zodiac sign natives. Hence, it is favorable to wear yellow sapphire gemstone by cancer ascendants.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone For Leo or Singh Rashi:

Yellow sapphire proves auspicious stone for Leo ascendant. Since, Jupiter rules over 5th, 9th house of this zodiac sign which promotes wisdom, intellect and higher education. Furthermore, if it stays in 10th house or 11th house will enhance the strength of the body.

Yellow sapphire For Virgo or Kanya Rashi:

Virgo should not wear yellow sapphire as this stone does not prove benign for them. Since the Jupiter majorly exists in negative or unfavorable houses which altogether evoke ill effects in lives of its wearer. Therefore, the yellow sapphire stone should only be worn during the major period of Jupiter.

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  1. Can i wear the pushkaraj stone as gifted by my mother. but its not yellow . its whitish.

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