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The Real Beauty & Power of Untreated and Unheated Yellow Sapphire

Have you ever observed a Yellow Sapphire before and wondered what is it that makes it look so enchanting? If yes, then you are not alone.

There are many like you who get awestruck by the exquisiteness of unheated yellow sapphire stone. One of the most expensive gemstones in the world, a yellow sapphire is known for its sheer beauty and amazing powers.

Being associated with the Planet Jupiter, the natural yellow sapphire represents the positive powers of the planet. And thus, it is said to provide good fate, wisdom, fortune, knowledge, and the power of speech to the wearer.

Experience the Beauty of Pukhraj Stone

Beauty of Pukhraj Stone

A variety of corundum, which is an aluminum oxide mineral, this gemstone is a work of wonder in itself.A beautiful cut yellow sapphire is priced much higher as compared to the other sapphires in the market. The cost of natural sapphire depends upon its color, cut, clarity, size and overall quality.

Deep yellow golden color is considered the best color in yellow sapphire. Sapphires are the hardest stone next to diamonds and are also used in a range of industrial applications.

The beautiful yellow sapphire can change one’s life for good as it propels a person towards happiness and fulfillment through wisdom.

This beautiful gemstone can be embedded in jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, and pendants.

Yellow Sapphire & its Incredible Powers

Yellow Sapphire & its Incredible Powers

For ages, it has been believed that wearing the yellow sapphire can bring success in the fields of trade, teaching, analysis, law, etc. In fact, placing pukhraj gemstone at home is said to attract wealth and bring an increase in earnings.

It also helps in keeping several diseases at bay. Those who are suffering from chest pain, have breathing problems or throat discomfort are advised to wear this gemstone.

To get rid of diseases like ulcer, arthritis, impotence, diarrhea, knee pain, joint troubles, and even heart diseases, one is advised to wear yellow sapphire.

In addition to its other benefits, yellow sapphire is auspicious for those who are looking for a suitable marriage prospect.

It is believed to bring luck in improving fertility too. It is beneficial for both, men and women who are looking for peace and harmony in their married life as it brings stability in relations and balances vishudha chakra – the chakra for self-expression and communication.

People usually wear this gemstone on their index finger to reap its various benefits. Moreover, accessories and jewelry made up of Ceylon yellow sapphire are in vogue these days and make a great style statement.

From increased wealth and success to maintaining good health and prosperity, the yellow sapphire brings along a range of incredible powers, apart from being a feast for the eyes.

Mesmerized by the beauty and delighted with the powers of the yellow sapphire, people are attracted to buy this precious stone irrespective of its high cost.

So, if you are looking for the perfect gifting option for your loved ones, then don’t look beyond this amazing gemstone.

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