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Things To Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Rings

Things To Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Rings


Think of the most alluring gemstones you have ever looked at, and the list will be incomplete without the mention of the gleaming Yellow Sapphire.

Not only this gemstone is a thing of beauty, but it also carries some intrinsic astrological benefits that gives it a status of high repute. Representing intellect, intelligence, prosperity, and fortune, this gemstone is loved by all.

A Yellow Sapphire can stunningly adorn any piece of jewelry, but having a yellow sapphire ring is one of the most coveted wishes of sapphire lovers.

What’s more? Being one of the hardest gemstones in the world, ranking at nine on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness, these are extremely durable and can be worn for a long time, without any issues.

How to choose a pukhraj stone?

Just like many other gemstones, the real worth of a yellow sapphire depends on its color, carat, cut and clarity. The vivid the color, the more will be its value. Likewise, the bigger it is in size, the more will be its price.

Also, the cut can lead to a great impact on its value. The perfect cut adds great charm to an already gorgeous gemstone. Similarly, the clarity also affects the worth of the gem. If it is clear with a few inclusions, it will be highly valuable.

What do you need to consider before buying Yellow Sapphire Rings?

  • Choose a ring that has a pure, hard stone.
  • It should be unscratched to give that perfect radiating look.
  • To check the genuineness of a yellow sapphire ring, you can even dip it in milk for the entire day. If it doesn’t change its color than it is a genuine stone ring.
  • In order to buy rings that have natural, unheated, Yellow Sapphire stones, look for a reliable supplier who sources Yellow Sapphires from places like Madagascar, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.
  • When you buy a Pukhraj stone ring, make sure that it is made in such a manner that it touches the skin. This will help you experience the astrological benefits from the stone.
  • While buying a Yellow Sapphire gemstone ring, make sure to pick quality over price.
  • The benefits of the ring could only be experienced if the stone is of pure quality.
  • Beware of the inferior quality, unnatural stones, that are available at dirt cheap prices. Invest in quality and make a sensible decision.
  • The price of your chosen yellow sapphire ring will be based on the metal that you choose and the weight of the stone.
  • Carefully analyze both these aspects before making a purchase.
  • When it comes to buying a Yellow Sapphire stone, only do so after determining the purchase price per ratti.

When you consider all these points before buying yellow sapphire rings, you will make the right choice. Ensuring this will mean that you will be highly likely to receive a genuine quality ring that will last for a long time. Such a ring would be studded with a pure yellow sapphire gemstone, whose sparkle will not fade easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the benefits of yellow sapphire and welcome wealth, good health and prosperity by getting a good quality, pure pukhraj stone ring.

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