Yellow Sapphire is a highly precious, yellow-colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. Yellow Sapphire is also famous for the name Pukhraj. It is worn to get the blessings of Jupiter. Pukhraj stone gives good health, wisdom, prosperity, financial gain, longevity, name, honor, and fame. Yellow Sapphire is known as Pukhraj Gemstone in Vedic Astrology.

Yellow sapphire should be studded with a gold ring and worn on the index finger, on a Thursday, which falls in the Shukla paksha. The yellow sapphire price depends upon its cut, clarity, carat, and color. Ceylon yellow sapphire is considered the best one. Check the yellow sapphire price per carat in India.

Pukhraj, also known as yellow sapphire, is a precious gemstone that is highly regarded in Indian astrology and Vedic traditions. It is a type of corundum mineral that is typically yellow in color due to the presence of iron and titanium. Here are some of the benefits associated with Pukhraj gemstone:

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Types of Yellow Sapphire

Standard Grade

Contains a number of inclusions that can be seen with bare eyes. However, the price of the standard yellow sapphire gemstone is reasonable that allowing people to buy original pukhraj gemstone.

Fine Grade

The fine-quality yellow sapphire gemstone will have fewer inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter, the price of the stone is around 2500+ Rs per carat.

Premium Grade

The premium quality yellow sapphire is a high-quality gemstone. It encompasses only a little inclusion that is barely seen with the naked eye. The cut, clarity, and inclusions make this the best-looking gemstone.

Super Premium Grade

The super-premium quality Yellow Sapphire stone is the top-quality stone. On the parameter of quality, these stones are very near to Natural Yellow Sapphire or original Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.


Benefits Of wearing Yellow Sapphire

Auspicious stone

Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone (ratna) is termed the most auspicious stone due to its affliction with the precious planet Jupiter.

Love & Harmony

The Jupiter-blessed yellow sapphire injects love and harmony into marital relations. Therefore, it is advocated that married couples should this stone.

Wisdom and Postivity

Jupiter signifies intellect and wisdom, thus wearing the pukhraj gemstone assists in bringing wisdom and positive thinking to one’s mind.

Protects From misfortune

Yellow Sapphire is a cold gem. It improves vision, gives life security, protects one from poverty, and removes adversity, misfortune, and melancholy.

Wearing Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is stated to be the most crucial and benevolent gemstone by virtue of its auspicious association with the coercive planet Jupiter. Jupiter acts as a teacher among all the planets and it carries attributes like wealth, sound health, prosperity, and wisdom for its wearer. It is acknowledged to be the most auspicious planet.

Best Day To wear Yellow Sapphire: Thursday
Best Finger to wear Yellow sapphire: Index finger of the right hand
Best Time to Wear Yellow Sapphire: between 5 am to 7 am on ShuklaPaksha days.
Best Metal to wear Yellow Sapphire: Gold
Mantra to wear Yellow Sapphire: “OM GURUVE NAMAHA”.

According to Vedic astrology, anyone can wear a Yellow Sapphire gemstone (also known as Pukhraj) for its astrological benefits. However, it is important to note that wearing gemstones is a personal choice and should be made after careful consideration and consultation with a qualified astrologer or gemologist.

Yellow Sapphire is particularly beneficial for individuals who are involved in fields such as education, finance, law, and business. It is also recommended for individuals who are seeking to enhance their spiritual growth and connection.

It is important to note that Yellow Sapphire gemstone should be of good quality, and its weight, shape, and design should be chosen based on individual needs and preferences. It should also be worn on the correct finger and on the correct day and time as per Vedic astrology guidelines.

Yellow Sapphire Astrology

Yellow Sapphire although flexible in its effects needs to be worn only on the correct hand index finger necessarily. Yellow Sapphire represents the planet Jupiter. And Jupiter is recognized as the largest planet that has its comparison with Saturn.

Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj, is a precious gemstone that is highly regarded in Vedic astrology. In astrology, each gemstone is associated with a particular planet, and Yellow Sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is considered to be the planet of wisdom, knowledge, wealth, and fortune. According to astrology, wearing a Yellow Sapphire gemstone can enhance the positive effects of Jupiter and bring good luck, success, and prosperity to the wearer.

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Yellow Sapphire Beauty


Q 1: What is a yellow sapphire?

Ans : A yellow sapphire is a precious gemstone made of the mineral corundum, which is known for its yellow color and is considered a valuable gemstone. It is often used in jewelry such as rings, earrings, and pendants.

Q 2: What are the properties of a yellow sapphire gemstone?

A : Yellow sapphires are typically transparent and have a yellow color that can range from light yellow to a deep, rich yellow. The yellow color is caused by the presence of iron and titanium impurities in the mineral corundum. Yellow sapphires can be found in various sizes and shapes and are usually cut into round, oval, or cushion shapes.