8 Stunning Shapes (Cuts) Popular In Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire gemstone also known as Pukhraj stone belongs to sapphire family. Pukhraj stone has many fascinating features that increase the demand of this stone. The physical properties of yellow sapphire are also one of the main reasons that make this stone more valuable.

The yellow sapphire price is increasing rapidly from last few years. In this blog, I will tell you the different shapes of yellow sapphire gemstone that is available in the market.

1. Round Cut Yellow Sapphire:

Round shape Yellow sapphire

The round shape yellow sapphire has 58 facets of the yellow sapphire gemstone. What’s more, the round cut yellow sapphire uncovered the different features of the stone and it show up gigantically lovely when it is worn as rings, accessory, bracelet or pendants.

2. Princess Cut Yellow Sapphire:

The princess cut yellow sapphire has the square shape cut with excellent polishing due to which it looks very attractive, simple and delicate.

Princess cut yellow sapphire

Moreover, Princess cut yellow sapphire stone is considered as the best stone to be fixed in rings and necklace.

3. Oval Shape Yellow Sapphire:

Oval Cut yellow Sapphire

The oval shape yellow sapphire gemstone is quite popular among women having small hands or fingers because this cut gives an excellent illusion of length to hands.

The oval shape yellow sapphire gemstone resembles the shape of an egg and their brilliance is same as that of a round cut.


4. Heart Shape Yellow Sapphire:

Heart Shape yellow sapphire

This heart shapes yellow sapphire is consider as a good cut for romance that will help you to win the heart of your loved ones. This shape is similar to that of a pear shape with a cleft at the top. This heart shapes yellow sapphire is the best shape for engagement rings these days.

5. Asscher Cut Yellow Sapphire:

Asscher Cut Yellow Sapphire

The cutting of Asscher cut yellow sapphire resembles like waterfall model and this stone is highly appreciated in the form of the engagement ring. Its brilliance and quality attract everyone. In addition to this, the price of this Asscher cut yellow sapphire gemstone is high.

6. Emerald-Cut Yellow sapphire:

Emerald Cut yellow sapphire

The emerald cut yellow sapphire is in a rectangular shape with cut corners and this shape looks stunning and beautiful in the rings, necklaces, bracelet, and earrings. In the past times, emerald shape yellow sapphire was used by royals and high-class people and this cut looks exclusively beautiful and striking for larger stones.

7. Pear Shape Yellow Sapphire:

Pear shape yellow sapphire

The pear shape yellow sapphire is almost like a teardrop with one rounds end and another pointed one. This type of shape looks beautiful in earrings and pendants. So, This pear shape yellow sapphire complements a hand having small or average length fingers.

8. Cushion Shape Yellow Sapphire:

Cushion Shape Yellow Sapphire

The cushion shape yellow sapphire is similar to that of a square cut with rounded corners. This cushion shape yellow sapphire looks perfect for an engagement ring.

So, These days yellow sapphire gemstone jewelry is quite popular among women and hence,  this blog will help you to find the best cut for your particular jewelry piece. You can buy natural certified Ceylon Yellow sapphire at best price from Shop.YellowSapphire.Org.In