Ways To Identify A Real Yellow Sapphire Stone

Ways To Identify A Real Yellow Sapphire Stone
Ways To Identify A Real Yellow Sapphire Stone

The color of the delicate Pukhraj stone draws the attention of each pair of eyes toward it. The fine gleam and the appreciating color of yellow sapphire (also known as Pukhraj stone) are solely responsible for making this stone the most populous gemstone in the gem family.

The emerging popularity of this stone can be estimated from the fact that this adorable stone has been used rapidly for engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, and other yellow sapphire fix jewelry items.

The yellow sapphire appears best when it is studded in rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The acceptance of the use of this fabulous stone as engagement rings and wedding rings not only by the common man but even by famous artists has reasserted the reputation of yellow sapphire.

However, rapid increases in the use of this stone in wedding jewelry have impelled buyers to consider the quality of the yellow sapphire. Since buying and wearing a synthetic yellow sapphire will act against its wearer.

In spite of this, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between a fake and real yellow sapphire.

Thus, considering the concern to recognizing a yellow sapphire stone easily read the following steps which will aid you in buying yellow sapphire online. Know the ways to identify a real yellow sapphire stone.

9 effective ways to identify a real yellow sapphire stone are:

Compare natural Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) With Glass:

Fake gem traders of yellow sapphire offer their customers counterfeit yellow sapphire stones. Thus, to prevent yourself from getting trapped in the setup of fake gem traders. One should compare this stone with glass before buying this stone.

However, on the contrary, both of them look the same at a glance. But in reality, the yellow sapphire stone is rich in color and holds rich clarity. It is also extensively hard whereas a fake or synthetic stone would less hard and on the hardness scale, it ranks around 5.0 MOH to 6.0.

Look for Tiny Bubbles:

A natural yellow sapphire stone does not possess any inclusion as such so that it can be seen with naked eyes. Nonetheless, it consists of a few inclusions, but they can hardly be seen with naked eyes.

Hence, if you spot anything like liquid flowing inside the stone or bubbles with bare eyes. So that is a clear indication that the stone is not original.

Check for Scratches:

Yellow Sapphire is a rigid stone. The stone is extensively hard and the hardness of the stone measures 9.0 on the moh scale.

Therefore, after purchasing a yellow sapphire try to scrub it against hard material if unfortunately, it gets scratches then it is a fake yellow sapphire.


Beware Of Fake Suppliers Of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) :

Yellow Sapphire stone is a powerful gemstone that has obtained immense magical powers under its belt. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for a synthetic yellow sapphire dealer to trap customers because if the customer considers a few things he/she can never be dodged.

Additionally, a person should only buy yellow sapphire from a reputed online gem store.

Watch Out For Fillings:

Due to its high characteristics, it is very difficult to obtain a pure yellow sapphire stone without any impurity; there are some inclusions that are always present in the stone to enhance the color and appearance of the stone.

While performing these inclusions sometimes there exists a negative hole or impurity left in the stone.

A trustworthy jeweler will not remove it. However, an untrustworthy one will fill it with borax and other impurities to increase its luster. With bare eyes it is very difficult to check this perhaps with the help of a magnifier one can easily check this.

Stay away from the X sign:

If this stone encompasses an X-sign on the back of the stone. Then, it sends a clear indication that the stone is fake. Therefore, while buying yellow sapphire do consider this sign on the stone subtly if you spot this stone, then do not buy that yellow sapphire stone.

Avoid Grooves:

Occasionally, the facets of synthetic stones do not come out as crisp as the facets of a natural sapphire would. This flaw looks very similar to the grooves one might expect to see on a vinyl record, but they can usually be seen only under the magnification of a 10x Lupe.

Check for Flaws:

Whether it’s a natural pukhraj it encompasses a few inclusions that can be barely seen with the naked eyes. However, while investing this stone under a magnifier you would see these inclusions.

Nonetheless, if you see a gemstone that is included for free then don’t buy that stone because it is impossible to find a pure yellow sapphire.

Warmer than the original pukhraj stone:

To check whether a Pukhraj stone is natural or fake. One should perform this action, he/she should hold a piece of Pukhraj in his/her hand and if the stone feels warm to you then it is a natural yellow sapphire.

Instead of that, if sapphire does not feel anything then it is a clear indication that the stone is synthetic.

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Ways To Identify A Real Yellow Sapphire Stone