Can Wearing Two Yellow Sapphire on Index figure advisable

What is the effect of Wearing Two Yellow Sapphire Gemstones?

Can Wearing Two Yellow Sapphire on Index figure advisable

A yellow sapphire gemstone is believed to be an auspicious gemstone. Its association with the planet Jupiter makes it all the more beneficial for the wearers. What is the effect of Wearing Two Yellow Sapphire Gemstones?

As Jupiter signifies prosperity, wisdom, fortune, happiness, and good luck, a wearer of the yellow sapphire is believed to be blessed with all this and much more.

With its stunning light yellow colour, this gem attracts the attention of the onlooker in an instant. Perhaps this is one more reason why the demand for yellow sapphires has increased over the last few decades by leaps and bounds.

Such is the magnificence of this stone that it has started to replace the gorgeous diamonds as a choice of the gem for engagement rings.


However, there are some people who wish to wear two yellow sapphires in the same index finger. Let’s find out how wearing yellow sapphire gemstone twice on the same finger could turn out to be:

Wearing two yellow sapphire won’t double the benefits

Though the two yellow sapphire gemstone is a powerful stone and it brings along a lot of advantages for the wearers to experience, wearing two of them on the same index finger won’t be of any significance.

Yes! You read it right! You might have thought or heard about doubling the benefits of yellow sapphire by wearing it twice on the same finger, but the truth is: it doesn’t happen.

Doing this will not multiply the blessings that the planet Jupiter bestows on the wearer.

If you think that it may speed up the benefits , then also you are wrong. All that you would end up with is wasted money and effort.

As per astrology, the right weight of yellow sapphire that you can wear would be decided on the basis of your birth chart and your body weight. So, wearing these stones twice won’t help you with speeding up the benefits of experiencing more of them.

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When can you wear two yellow sapphires on the same index finger?

Even though wearing two yellow sapphires on the same index finger isn’t recommended as it won’t yield any exceptional results. Because there are some scenarios, where you might have to wear two yellow sapphires .

Let’s take a hypothetical situation for example. If you are advised to wear a yellow sapphire of 6 Ratti on your index finger, but you can’t get such a stone with the exact Ratti, then wearing two yellow sapphires to get the same Ratti is feasible.

This means you can wear two yellow sapphire gems of 3 Ratti each to gain the benefits from the stones. Doing this will yield the right results in a much more cost-effective manner.

There may be other scenarios wherein one may be advised to wear two yellow sapphires on the same index finger. However, it is important that one should refrain from wearing two yellow sapphires.

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