Difference between Natural Yellow Sapphire And Treated Yellow Sapphire


what is the difference between natural yellow sapphire and heated yellow sapphire? Actually, this is a prevalent question in the field of Gemology. People out of awareness, sometimes buy a heated yellow sapphire gemstone instead of real yellow sapphire.

Sapphires, which are the third hardest mineral on the Mohs size of hardness, they are the absolute most basic gemstones, generally worn in jewelry.

In the event that you discuss unheated and heated Sapphires, at that point you will come to realize that there is a major distinction between both the Sapphire classifications. The cost additionally changes to a great extent between the treated and untreated sapphires.

The Natural Sapphire, otherwise called Untreated sapphire or Unheated Sapphire, are exceedingly in vogue and are to a greater extent an “investment-type” because of no treatments being available to them.

Natural Yellow Sapphire Differs From Treated Yellow Sapphire from yellow sapphire stone

In the market, very nearly 95% of the Sapphires are heat treated. The higher the amount of treatment in the sapphire, the lower the cost. This is because the rarity of corundum creates the price of a sapphire.

But mostly they ponder that why the significance of natural yellow sapphire ranked so high in comparison to heated yellow sapphire? So, in this blog, we would like to draw your attention to the basic difference that exists between natural yellow sapphire and heated yellow sapphire.

Natural or Unheated Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

A real or natural sapphire is the supreme quality of the yellow sapphire. It attains the brilliant color, brightness and astrological properties. This stand apart from the other grades of this gemstone.

It is extremely hard to find a high-quality yellow sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone because nowadays in order to fulfill the large demand of this stone gem sellers are indulging in malicious practices to pull off the uprising demand.

Nonetheless, the benefits or results which an original gemstone provides a synthetic or lab created gemstone can’t fulfill that requirement.

Therefore, the position of a natural yellow sapphire is unchallenged until now and its supremacy remains intact even under the continuous threat generated by the fake gem sellers. The main sources of natural yellow sapphire gemstones are Madagascar, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.


Heated Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Apparently, a heat-treated yellow sapphire stone can’t be categorized under the category of a synthetic gemstone. However, heating a pukhraj gemstone will bruise the value or real properties of this stone.

Hence, the value of a heated gemstone is always lesser than the real yellow sapphire. Heat treatment means heating or melting a gemstone on a very high temperature to wash away all inimical from the stone. Although the heating process does have immense benefits yet, it subsides the overall value of a gemstone.

It generally happens because during this process stone is heat upon intense temperature with the intention of discharging redundant materials from the stone and enhancing its appearance and overall quality.

Nevertheless, melting gemstone on a very high temperature impel stone to leave its few significant attribute. It altogether lessens the impact or value of a stone.

Benefits of Natural Yellow Sapphire

If a person is wearing the yellow sapphire, then a person should wear the natural and unheated yellow sapphire stone.

This is because natural yellow sapphire has all the benefits of the planet Jupiter. In fact, in the case of jewelry as well. If you are buying expensive sapphire jewelry, then you must check whether the pukhraj stone is natural or not.

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