Jupiter Mahadasha Good or Bad Effects

Astrology is a study of stars in logic form. It explains how different planets influence our lives. It predicts the favorable and unfavorable periods in life. It states the manner to make the most of the favorable period for inviting best results and the way to get rid of the problems circumventing unfavorable periods by various means like prayers, stone therapy and so on.

Astrology is a science created by the saints via deep Meditation and inspiration drawn through them. This science was created by saints via their deep Meditation and inspiration through the supernatural powers. It bestowed them with the power to understand the principles encompassing this wondrous science and then practical application of them for the benefit of the people. The literature written by the saints reveals the fact that they had a deep-rooted knowledge of the subject.

During the life span, Mahadasha of planets comes forth.

Jupiter Mahadasha Benefits Effects -:

Amongst them, Jupiter Mahadasha has a beneficial effect in the life of an individual. This Mahadasha influences every individual. It is also known as Guru Mahadasha. The span of this is 16 years. This auspicious period brings a fortune in the life of an individual.

During Jupiter Mahadasha a student shows good results in academics. Besides this, there is a spiritual inclination, enhanced intuition power, etc. An individual draws lots of honor and social status. Further to add, auspicious activities like marriages, visiting pilgrimages, performing Yagnas, etc. Friendship with people at the renowned position will be there.

Jupiter planet also brings good luck and fortune. . Yellow Sapphire gemstone helps to achieve fame and good luck.

Certain general effects which are felt during the Jupiter Mahadasha are as follows-:

During the Mahadasha of Jupiter, the persons in the higher position will reap the benefits. There will be interested in the worship of God, the study of Veda, Puranas, Shasta’s religion, and performing yagnas, etc.

  • The persons get the company of good people, saints, and also has due respect towards elders.
  • They perform pious deeds.
  • Further individuals attain respect in the community and leadership.
  • Individuals even may be skilled in the knowledge of the past and future.
  • A person may be bestowed with land, clothes, and vehicles.
  • Wealth may be acquired. During the Mahadasha of Jupiter, a good job or position at authoritative level may be acquired.
  • Wealth will be attained and honor from the higher-ups will be obtained. Besides this, opportunities for undertaking long travels may be attained.
  • There may be mental anxiety which may result in physical pain.
  • Even a moderate amount of wealth, some patience, some fame, and bliss may be attained during the Mahadasha of Jupiter.
  • Thieves may cause loss of wealth.
  • Happiness will be attained by good friends, procure good clothes. Happiness from a spouse, children, and wealth.
  • This Mahadasha is very auspicious. It brings due respect from friends and there is a possession of vehicles.
  • Weddings and Yagyas besides other auspicious events bring happiness.
  • Friendship with rich and powerful people are possible.
  • Bliss from spouse, children, and friends is possible.
  • Even the birth of a child is foreseen.
  • Friendship with renowned people, name, and leadership in the family are anticipated. Prosperity, happiness, and gain are attained.
  • Yellow Sapphire stone is linked with the planet Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is the main recommended gem for the Jupiter.

The Pukhraj Stone protects from evil and provides marital happiness. In Human Body Jupiter rules the liver, circulation of blood tumors, malignancy, lower abdomen, organs of hearing, hips, blood pressure, and arteries. The ill-placed Jupiter may cause jaundice, tumor chronic constipation, gastric, cough, colds, asthma, nose bleeding, apoplexy, liver weakness, high blood pressure, ear trouble. Here Pukhraj acts as a remedy.