Magical Yellow Sapphire Vs Mystical Blue Sapphire Stone?

The significance of the yellow sapphire stone is always belittled because of its contemporary blue sapphire stone. While blue sapphire stone has always been praised for its fabulous color attributes and metaphysical properties, but the value of this is mostly hidden from the world.

Therefore, in today’s post, we would talk about the properties of this stone which make it one of the most valuable gemstones.

The yellow stone belongs to the propitious planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the teacher of all the planets, and it conveys wisdom, fortune, prosperity, self-confidence, and humanity.

Hence, people in whose birth-chart Jupiter position in the benefits houses will rejoice all these benefits.

Properties of Yellow Sapphire

The adorable yellow color of the yellow sapphire stone (Pukhraj Ratna) and matchless golden luster can easily dazzle everyone’s eye. Therefore, all those who are seeking for classy and delicate jewelry items can opt for sapphire in the form of ring jewelry items.

Magical Yellow Sapphire Vs Mystical Blue Sapphire Stone?
Magical Yellow Sapphire Vs Mystical Blue Sapphire Stone?

This stone is also quite expensive alike blue sapphire stone because of its rich physical and metaphysical properties. The Hardness of yellow stone is 9.0 equivalent to the sapphire and possesses mystical divine forces.

Sapphire stone is the birthstone for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. It will relinquish immense divine power in its wearer life.

Thus, all those people who are born under this month should advise wearing auspicious Jupiter blessed natural yellow stone.

Sapphire stone is also know by the name of “pukhraj” in the Hindi. Considering the high price of this stone, one can opt for the substitute of this stone yellow topaz.

Yellow Topaz is the alternative of pukhraj. Hence, all those who are running tight on the budget can opt for yellow topaz instead of favorable yellow sapphire stone.

To gain significant results in your life wearing yellow sapphire stone. One should wear this stone following all the guidelines prescribed by an astrologer. Always prefer to buy certified yellow sapphire instead of synthetic pukhraj stone for better results.