What makes a well-cut Yellow Sapphire

What Is The Best Shape (Cut) For Yellow Sapphire?

What Is The Best Shape (Cut) For Yellow Sapphire
What Is The Best Shape (Cut) For Yellow Sapphire

Sapphires are beautiful gemstones that are not only amazingly stunning but also equally beneficial for the wearers. While there are many alluring colors available in the world of sapphires, more often than not, a mention of the word ‘sapphire’ makes one think of the exotic ‘blue sapphire’.

However, not just blue, there is a wide variety of colors that are in huge demand amongst the sapphire lovers and “Yellow Sapphires” is one such color.

A well-cut yellow sapphire is a proud possession, and people from all walks of life wish to have such a possession. Such a sapphire displays the vividness of its yellow hue in the best possible manner, bringing great luster and exquisiteness.

Yellow sapphire gemstone usually gets a deeper cut to get the dimension and intensity needs to out the true tone of the yellow sapphire gemstone.

So, Here I am going to tell you some of the terms which uses in the description of the yellow sapphire gemstone.


Hue refers to the yellow sapphire’s basic color – light yellow, golden yellow, dark yellow.

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It is about color purity and intensity. It is the extent to which the hue is brown or gray.


It refers to the quantity of color in the sapphire that ranges from very light to very dark.

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How is Yellow Sapphire Measure?

Precious gemstones vary in density. When we compare a diamond and a sapphire of the same size, then the sapphire will be heavier due to its larger density.

Gemstones are frequently group via carats, which is a unit of weight, however, for simplicity of choice and setting, size is a more valuable estimation for sapphires, which we list in millimeters (mm). Our standard size for around sapphire is 6 mm, which is roughly one carat.

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The cuts from one of the key components of the famous yellow sapphire 4C’s: color, clarity, cut and carat.

Let’s take a look at different: Types of yellow sapphire cuts:


Princess Cut

One of the best cuts considered for the yellow sapphire gems, the Princess Cut gives a square shape to the gemstone which enhances its polishing and makes it look absolutely attractive.

Cushion Cut

The highly popular Cushion Cut is initially to give diamonds a great look, this type of cut gives the gemstone a good window with rounded corners.

Emerald Cut

An emerald-cut sapphire has sloping four-side facets which are in a rectangular shape to create a beautiful optical appearance and to highlight the clarity of the gemstone.

Round Brilliant Cut

A cut that’s much in demand for ages now, the Round Brilliant Cut is given to make a sapphire balance its color and clarity, getting the much-needed brilliance and splendor.

Heart Shaped Cut

The Heart Shaped Cut, as the name suggests, is a timeless classic cut that is preferred by all those gem fanatics who wish to gift a gem jewel to their loved ones.

Brilliant Cut

This cut that comes with a single point as a teardrop and gives a stunning pear style shape to the gemstone, accentuating its prettiness even more. This cut is also famous for providing a certain slimming effect to the fingers of the yellow sapphire ring wearer.

Square Emerald Cut

The Square Emerald Cut gives a yellow sapphire a look that is quite similar to that of an emerald. This cut is identical to the emerald cut and it is in a square shape.

Oval Cut

This cut is quite similar to the round cut but gives an incredible brilliance to the gemstone. An Oval Cut can add more charm to the beauty of long and slender fingers.

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