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Possible Circumstances When Yellow Sapphire Must Be Worn

Possible Circumstances When Yellow Sapphire Must Be Worn

The world of astrology always fascinates people toward it. The reason behind the fame and popularity of astrology because everyone is facing problems and obstructions in their lives and leave no stone unturned to find out the solution to their problems. And, astrology draws people toward itself because it promises them that it could assist in resolving their problems.

An astrologer endeavors to resolve a personal problem after analyzing his/her horoscope and on the basis of out come suggests a user perform specific rituals to get rid-off ill-effects that are created due to different reasons. Thus, let’s find out under what circumstances astrologer recommends wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone.

Yellow sapphire is endorsed as being the birthstone of favorable planet Jupiter, which has conferred with the status of “teacher” among all nine gemstones or Navratnas. This dominant planet rules or governs the promising gemstone yellow sapphire.

The mesmerizing yellow color gemstone embodies the enriches properties of Jupiter and influences the lives of its wearer favorably.

As this benevolent stone is known for generating favorable forces in the lives of its wearer and assists people to get through with monetary issues and health-related problems. Possible Circumstances When Yellow Sapphire Must Be Worn are :

Who Can Wear Yellow Sapphire?

  • The stone is also recommended for those individuals who are suffering from mouth odor, liver diseases, stomach, and kidney related problems.
  • The yellow sapphire stone should also be worn if a person is affected by mental issues, tension; headache must wear this stone.
  • The yellow sapphire stone is also suggested to wear if a person is in pain due to jaundice or other serious fevers. It is also recommended being worn to get rid-off from bone pain and joint pain.
  • The yellow sapphire stone is highly recommended for those natives who are affected by malefic fortune or bad luck. Since Jupiter is described as the luckiest planet that can alter the fortune of a person affirmatively.
  • The Yellow sapphire stone will be suggested to be worn by an astrologer if a person is facing trouble on the business front or facing monetary issues.
  • Pukhraj stone is regarded to be the birthstone for zodiac sign Sagittarius. Thus, those individuals who are born under this sign must adopt this stone to receive favorable results in their lives.
  • The unmarried girls who are not facing obstruction in their way to meet with their soul mates should wear this effective gemstone yellow sapphire. As it has been mentioned in the scriptures that this stone strengthens the fortune and eliminates all the nativities from the birth chart of a girl and assists her to find her soul mate.

How To Wear Yellow Sapphire?

Time5:00 To 7:00 AM and 1:00 To 2:00 PM
Day To WearThursday
Finger To WearIndex
Which HandWorking Hand (Right Hand)
Stone WeightAccording to body weight (For 10 kg body weight need 1 Ratti)

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