Yellow sapphire also is known as pukhraj stone in Hindi. Pricing of Yellow Sapphire depends on various quality factors of the stone-like Color, Transparency, Luster, and Cutting style. A Good Quality Yellow Sapphire gemstone should have prominent Yellow Color and should be transparent. Pukhraj stone should have luster (shine) on its surface.

The most common shapes or cuts of the best quality yellow sapphire stone are Oval, Rectangular, Cushion or Round shape. The Pricing depends a lot on the density of Inclusions and Type of inclusions. You can also make yellow sapphire rings for astrology use.

All-natural gemstones have inclusions. But fewer inclusions mean better transparency, hence less included gemstones command higher prices.

We have decided that in four types of grades as per the quality of the stone. More the quality of the stone is higher will be the price of the yellow sapphire gemstone.

Here I am sharing the yellow sapphire price (Pukhraj stone value) as per the quality parameters. Let’s know the Price And Buying Yellow Sapphire Gemstone.

Price of Standard Grade Yellow Sapphire: 3500 INR per Ratti or 5600 INR per carat
Fine Grade Yellow Sapphire: 4600 INR per Ratti or 7300 INR per carat
Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 7800 INR per Ratti or 13000 INR per carat
Super Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire: 10000 INR per Ratti or 16000 INR per carat

The price of the real great top quality yellow sapphire depends mainly on its color and clarity. The deeper the yellow color of the gem, the greater could be the cost. Additionally, the superior the clarity of the stone the greater the price of the yellow sapphire stone.

Enhanced, heated, or treated yellow sapphire, which is usually identified in the marketplace nowadays, is far less priced than the natural untreated stones.

Untreated and unheated eye clean Ceylon yellow sapphire (Sri Lankan) comes with a selection of $100 per carat to $400 per carat, however, based on the quality of the stone, it can far exceed this price wide variety.

Price And Buy Yellow Sapphire Online

At you can buy natural certified yellow sapphire gemstone at the best price. Yellow sapphires are mined from Ceylon and are non-heated and non-treated.

You will get a Gem lab certificate with each stone you buy online. Take a look at the collection as per your budget. Each and very informative about the gemstone’s price, value, quality, certification, origin, and weight is given with the stone itself.

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