Price Of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Price Of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Often people have interest in knowing about the price of a yellow sapphire stone; before actually proceeding further to purchase this Jupiter ruled auspicious yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone in Hindi.

However, due to the absence of proper guidance and smoke and mirrors set around the price of this stone.

People are generally misled by some folks to purchase yellow sapphire stone at more than its market price. Thus, in order to guide you scrupulously about the price of the yellow sapphire stone.

I have attempted to write this blog which will assist you to buy a real yellow sapphire product at genuine prices.

There are four primary types of Yellow Sapphire in accordance with their prices.

Yellow Sapphire Standard Grade:

Yellow Sapphire Standard GradeThe price of the yellow sapphire stone is based upon the four c color, cut, clarity and carat. However, apart from yellow sapphire, the other factors which affect the price of stone are considered to be the number of inclusions which are present in the stone as well as the color characteristics also matter.

Thus, yellow sapphire standard category stones are red-orange in color. The price of the stone varies between 800 per carat to 1000 rupees per carat. Due to its low price, it does not put any extra burden on the pocket of a person.

Fine Quality Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Fine Quality Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:This gemstone has less number of inclusions in comparison with standard yellow sapphire stone. The color of the stone is also impressive and wearing this gemstone once can obtain better astrological results as compared to standard yellow sapphire stone.

The price of fine yellow sapphire ranges between 2500 Rupees per carat to 4000 rupees per carat.  Above all, buying this gemstone from reputed jewelry dealers or gemstones dealers will bestow the astrological benefits of Jupiter.

Yellow Sapphire Premium Grade

Yellow Sapphire Premium Grade

Stone contains very less inclusion (vvs) is notably high quality in terms of cut, clarity, transparency, and treatment. Yellow Sapphire Premium gemstones are remarkably transparent and hold high clarity parameters along with the startling cut and rare treatments.

The Price of premium quality stones ranges in between 10000 per carat to 15000 per carat. Wearing Yellow Sapphire Premium Grader provides endearing results to its wearer. It is very easy to check a yellow sapphire premium stone to distinguish it from fake or impure yellow sapphire stone.

Yellow Sapphire Stone is notably transparent does not contain any flaws. To check the originality of yellow sapphire premium stone check it under magnifier if it does not show any lines or rare flaws it will be consider as yellow Sapphire Premium. Wearing Yellow Sapphire Super Premium has magnificent positive effect on its wearer life.


Yellow Sapphire Super Premium Grade

Yellow Sapphire Super Premium Grade

Stones are in best in its class…comparing with its color, cut, clarity. The wearer gets good optimum results, super-premium grade stones are stones that are analyse by our gemstone experts. The price of per carat yellow sapphire may range between 30,000 per carat to 50, 000 per carat.

It is very rare to find a yellow sapphire gemstone that possesses no inclusions as well as high on enriching qualities parameters. Though, Yellow Sapphire Super Premium boasts to have all the qualities or perquisites which are necessary to be namely a stone as Super Premium grade.

However, in the case of super-premium yellow sapphire since it is a natural yellow sapphire without any inclusion of impurities.

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