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Yellow sapphire is stated to be the most crucial and benevolent gemstone by the virtue of its auspicious association with the coercive planet Jupiter.

Jupiter acts as the teacher among all the planets and it carries attributes like wealth, sound health, prosperity, and wisdom for its wearer. It is acknowledged to be the most auspicious planet.

Moreover, it is one of its kinds of stone that suits everyone, hence everyone should try this stone once in their lifetime after seeking the advice of an astrologer.

However, to avail of all these benefits in life, one should be aware of how to wear yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone correctly.

Generally, out of unawareness people don’t actually know what the right approach to wearing pukhraj gemstone is. Hence, keeping the above context in mind, we have described the right approach to wearing yellow sapphire gemstone below:

Basic Facts To Wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone):

  • Best Day To wear Yellow Sapphire: Thursday
  • Best Finger to wear Yellow sapphire: The index finger of the right hand
  • Best Time to wear Yellow Sapphire: between 5 am to 7 am on Shukla Paksha days.
  • Best Metal to wear Yellow Sapphire: Gold
  • Mantra to wear Yellow Sapphire: “Aum Brim Brahaspataye NamahAum”.

Step By Step Procedure To Wear Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Stone

Step 1: The first and foremost thing a person needs to do is to have a word with a competent astrologer in order to know whether yellow sapphire suits him/her or not. Since wearing yellow sapphire if Jupiter is set in the wrong houses of the birth chart would instead of bringing favorable results backfire.

Step 2: Always buy yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone from a well-established and reputable gem dealer because wearing a synthetic yellow sapphire will bring an inauspicious result for its wearer.

Step 3: After buying a certified yellow sapphire, choose the perfect metal to embed or fix it in. Mostly, gold or silver is considered to be the best metals to fix yellow sapphire.

The stone should be in a gold or silver ring in such a manner that it touches the human skin to channel its positive energy in the life of its wearer.

Step 4: The ideal weight of the yellow sapphire ring should be two carats or more than it. It is believed that the power or effect of stone enhances as the weight increases.

Step 5: Jupiter blessed yellow sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone should be worn on Thursday morning most probably during the Shukla Paksha.

Step 6: Upon arrival on Thursday morning, sit facing the north or northeast direction on yellow color asana. Keep the ring drenched in either holy water or milk to remove all harmful and redundant energies from the stone.

Step 7: After keeping out the ring from milk, place it over the yellow color cloth on which Jupiter Yantra is drawn to the Roli.

Now burn 5 incense sticks and offer flowers to Jupiter blessed yellow sapphire ring while chanting this mantra 108 times.

“Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah Aum”

Step 8: Now adopt the ring on the index finger of the right hand. A yellow sapphire stone ring is given a powerful impact on the wearer’s life. It gives you amazing astrological benefits till the stone in the ring doesn’t damage. Once your gemstones have some kind of crack in it then it will start losing all their effects.

Step 9: A proper care of a yellow sapphire ring by clearing it on a regular basis with water and other useful chemicals to remove toxic materials and keep it rejuvenated.

What Should be the minimum weight to wear yellow sapphire?

Wearing gemstones, including yellow sapphire, for astrological or spiritual purposes is a belief rooted in specific cultural and traditional practices. Wearing clear gemstones can influence or enhance certain aspects of a person’s life based on their astrological chart or birth details.

There is no universally agreed-upon minimum weight for wearing yellow sapphire, as the recommendations can vary depending on different astrological systems and beliefs. In some scenarios, astrologers may suggest a minimum weight based on factors such as the individual’s body weight, birth chart, and planetary positions.

Suppose you are considering wearing a yellow sapphire for astrological reasons. In that case, you must consult a qualified and experienced astrologer or gemstone expert who can provide personalized advice based on your circumstances.

They can guide you on the appropriate weight and quality of the yellow sapphire based on their interpretation of your birth chart and astrological considerations. Remember that the effectiveness of wearing gemstones is a matter of belief and not scientifically proven.

Rituals Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone?

Wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone, also known as Pukhraj in Vedic astrology, is believed to bring positive energy and good fortune. However, it’s important to note that the following information is based on traditional beliefs and practices, and individual results may vary.

If you’re considering wearing a yellow sapphire or any other gemstone for astrological reasons, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified astrologer or gemologist for guidance.

  • Selecting a Genuine Gemstone: Ensure you obtain a genuine and natural yellow sapphire from a reputable and trusted source. Synthetic or fake gemstones won’t provide the desired effects.
  • Consultation with an Astrologer: Before wearing any gemstone for astrological reasons, it’s recommended to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer. They can analyze your birth chart and determine if wearing a yellow sapphire is appropriate based on your planetary position.
  • Metal and Design: Yellow sapphire is typically set in gold or panchayats (a blend of five metals) ring. You can choose a design that you like and find comfortable to wear. The gemstone should ideally touch your skin for maximum benefits.
  • Wearing Finger: The yellow sapphire is traditionally worn on the right hand’s index finger (also known as Jupiter’s finger). However, some astrologers might recommend a different finger based on your birth chart.
  • Day and Time: The ideal day to wear the yellow sapphire is typically Thursday, as it is associated with the planet Jupiter. As your astrologer recommends, you can also consider wearing it during the “Pushya Nakshatra” or other auspicious planetary alignments.
  • Purification: Before wearing the gemstone, it’s advisable to purify it by dipping it in a mixture of raw milk, honey, curd, and holy water (if available). Some people also perform a brief mantra recitation during this process.
  • Activation: To activate the positive energies of the gemstone, you can chant the following mantra associated with the planet Jupiter: “ॐ गुरवे नमः” (Om Gurave Namah). Chant this mantra 108 times or in multiples 108 while holding the gemstone.
  • Caring for the Gemstone: Clean it regularly with mild soap and a soft brush to maintain its effectiveness. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight.

Remember that wearing a gemstone, including yellow sapphire, is a personal choice, and the effects can vary widely from person to person. It’s always best to consult a qualified astrologer or gemologist before making any decisions.

If you have any queries regarding Pukhraj gemstone, take help from our chat support executive for FREE.

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  1. I m a piscean,nd i bought it from certified jeweller for 40k,still it don’t work…why?

  2. Hi, I had my chatti done and they reccomend I wear the pukhraj ring but I am all the way in south America so one of my relatives went to india for a few days and I asked her to get me the ring but her timing was too short so instead she got me the stone alone, would it still be okay if I had a jeweller make here for me? A

    1. Yes you can. but wear with all rituals and also Do you have a certified Gemstone? if You have then stud in the ring from jewellers else Buy a new Certified Gemstone which will help You in success . You can call us for more details on +91-9216112244

  3. My zodiac sign is Virgo..i was told to wear yellow sapphire..what are the effects?…and is it necessary that i should start wearing it on Thursday itself?

  4. Thank you so much for taking time out to reply, means a lot. He also recommended that i wear a sliver ring with a pearl and now I got both and really excited and looking forward to moving ahead in my life ….

      1. Hi, the stone is a little expensive for me right now. But my sister has a yellow saphire that she is not using any more, can the stone be reused after some sort of cleansing. And also, I was asked to wear a bigger stone (8 ratti) than wat she has(4 ratti), so can I add another stone (4 ratti) to the same ring.

      2. Dear Ankit You can Use the Stone. but issue is its 4 Ratti. you cant wear 2 4 ratti stones. You have to wear 1 Stone of 8 Ratti if You wanna wear. we have three type of Stone call us for More details. Our executive will Guide you best +91-9216112244

  5. I bought puskraj but I want confirm its origional or not how can check and its benificial for me

  6. I have a Ring with yello Spphier ; it is 50 years old , Can I Use it or not

    1. yes you can use but please check it. Your stone is 100% fine or not. its should not be broken scratched dullness. Kindly read More our website about wearing Yellow Sapphire. if You need anything Call us any time on +91-9216112244

  7. I wear yellow sapphire for a finger ring. Please tell its suitable or not.
    Date of birth 31-12-1975 Time 6.07am

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    Birth 29-12-1979
    Some one told me to wear pukhraj
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  10. Woud you explain me about CHANDRA RATNA pendulam. How does it work in what condition. From – Bishann – Delhi.

    1. Thanks Santtoshi. I am sending Your Requirement to Our Sales team. They will Give You all details. Kindly provide Your Ph no or Call us on +91-9216116688 for better communication.

      1. Thanks Jay but every stone have own value own power u cant use another one. if You want to know Which Gemstone Suits You we need more details About You. Kindly go through this Link https://yellowsapphire.org.in/my-gemstone/ Submit Your Info. Our Gemstone Expert Astrologer will give You all info with details. call us for more details on +91-9216112244

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    The thing is i want to wear it in pendant i.e locket
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    Can i wear it that way or shall I go with the ring
    Its 3.5 ratti
    Light yellow 

  17. My sign is Virgo I am working & in administration i am also doing part time MBA in fiannce my weight is 50-52kgs.born on 1988 .will it be beneficial to wear Yellow sapphire to me. I have seen my few friends wearing this. not sure abt their signs but they are my class mates 

    Please help  & Suggest

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  19. Im a virgo,born on september every 1 says me 2 wear yellow sapphire.There r like many sources, pple  tell me 2 wear.What do u say rajnesh kumar?

    1. Thanks for sharing your details. I would suggest you to go with our Astro Consultation Service.
      Kindly visit http://mygemstore.org/ as well as give a call to Our Gemstone Expert at +91 9216116688.

  20. does the quality of the pukhraj stone matter, like a better quality stone will be more effective than the lower quality one.

    1. Hi Suvidha

      Quality of the stone matters a lot.. A better quality stone with lesser number of Impurities will give much better results than a stone of lower quality..  Call +91 9216112244 to Know more about gemstones.

  21. Sir
    my dob is 17.06.1953 place new delhi time 7.40pm.
    will yellow sphire suit me for my health problems.

    1. Hi Anil,
      Thanks for sharing your details….but I would like to inform that gemstones are always worn after a good professional reading only.
      As the DOB you have shared ……would like to inform in the same birth dates hundreds of other people are also born…..
      In case you feel you should go for a professional reading I can suggest to reach @


      If you have any further queries feel free to let us know.

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    1. Hi Shashi,

      Thanks for sharing your details….but I would like to inform that gemstones are always worn after a good professional reading only.

      As the DOB you have shared ……would like to inform in the same birth dates hundreds of other people are born…..

      In case you feel you should go for a professional reading I can suggest to reach @


      If you have any further queries feel free to let us know.

  25. One astrologer adviced to take gift a pukhraj but no one gifted me if i wear a pukhraj after self purchase it will be suitable  or?
    My DOB 01.12.1979
    Time 6.30 AM
    Pl, reply sir

    1. It all depends on a professional reading from gemstone experts…..normal astrologers are only aware about the planets but stone knowledge astrologers are very less.

      Incase you feel you should go with an expert I can suggest you certified astrologer you can email him @ [email protected] but his services are chargeable.

  26. Sir meine Abhi kuch din pehle pukhraj apni right hand ki index fingure me pehna hai jo Thursday ki sham ko meine pehna hai jo 5and half ratty ka hai 
    mera birthday 2 August 1985 ko Delhi me hua tha evening Around 8 pm 
    Meine sahi Ratna Pehna hai pls tell

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Firstly, please find out if the yellow sapphire suits your planetary configuration. Secondly, please find out of which origin yellow sapphire you are wearing. 3rd, the properties of the stone should be good and it should not be reused piece. You have to do always a deep research before buying/wearing any gemstone.

      The most important part the gemstones should always be consulted by a professional astrologer who has all the knowledge of gemstone properties.

  27. Dear Mr. Kumar,

    I recently purchased a IGI Certified Ceylon Yellow Sapphire of 5 carats from one of the most reputed jewellers which is very expensive, with excellent color, cut, shine & transparency, but it has got one very semi transparent line in it. On asking them they said 99.99% the genuine stones have a mark on it.

    Kindly let me know if it is going to cause any kind of negative impact on wearing it.

    with regards,

  28. Sir,this is swaroop
    I hv been asked to wear 5 ratti yellow sapphire. .
    but actually I hv not in ths world,  m a student n I pay my fees by doin part time job. .
    my prob is where I can get yellow sapphire at reasonable rate. .
    pls help me out asap

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