Top 10 benefits of Wearing yellow sapphire

Top 10 Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, yellow sapphire is popularly called Pukhraj stone. Jupiter is the heaviest planet in the solar system, imparting distinctive powers to Yellow sapphire. This stone is a twin of ruby and blue sapphire. Hence, it is one of the most auspicious and beneficial gemstones out of all the Navratri in the Hindu scriptures.

Benefits of wearing yellow sapphire gemstone

    1. Enhances mental clarity – Wearing yellow sapphire helps in staying focused on a goal. The gem promotes creativity and imagination and has a special meaning when it comes to mental clarity.
    2. Blissful nuptial life – Astrologers promote the significance of wearing yellow sapphire for a healthy and blissful married life. Those facing delays in wedlock or seeking marital happiness are advised to wear a pukhraj stone for notable results.
    3. Health benefits – To remain healthy and avoid illnesses like jaundice, throat infection, liver problems, lungs, ears, tumors, skin issues, blood circulation in the arteries, body fats, abscesses, and dropsy, wearing yellow sapphire can do wonders. The positive effects of yellow sapphire bring comprehensively rejuvenated health.
    4. Improves sleep quality – The gemstone improves sleep quality, breathing circulation, and the immune system. The vibrant yellow color of the stone promotes relaxation and helps alleviate stress. The stone has a balancing effect on emotions, increases energy and vitality, and therefore acts as a calming and stress-relieving agent.
    5. Increases positive energy and spirituality – Yellow sapphire has the power to protect its wearer from negative influences and evil intentions of people. The effect of the stone makes the surrounding full of positive vibes and make the wearer concentrate on their goals and live a happy life. Also, as dharma is the domain of Jupiter, individuals who are seeking spiritual evolution are immensely benefited from the Pukhraj stone.
    6. Bestows wisdom and knowledge – Yellow sapphire enhances the intellect and boosts the sharpness of mind and understanding. It helps to put thoughts into action and helps in achieving academic and professional goals. The wearer can get a promotion, increment in salary, and increase in profits for the businessmen. The wearers are blessed with virtues like creativity and uniqueness that make way for ultimate success.
    7. Benefit for students – For students who find it difficult to concentrate on their studies or are not able to perform best in his/her examination or even forget everything before the exam, wearing yellow sapphire is the best solution.The gemstone is associated with the planet GURU and helps students achieve success in their studies.
    8. Boost confidence – Yellow sapphire gemstone is highly advisable for those people who lack confidence. Wearing this gemstone is known to increase the confidence of the wearer. Hence, Pukhraj is primarily worn by businessmen, politicians, artists, and people whose job is to convince the audience or the clients.
    9. Controls anger – A Pukhraj stone reduces one’s tendency of getting angry and keeps the wearer calm and composed. The stone also help during meditation to increase concentration, connect with the higher self, and find fulfilment. It also helps people get out of their procrastinating attitude.
    10. Improves social and financial status –  The metaphysical properties of yellow sapphire brings financial stability to its wearer. It not just brings around materialistic wealth but help individual fetch social power that ultimately helps maintain a regal and lavish lifestyle, thus improving one’s status in the social domain.

Jupiter plays a crucial role in one’s life.Therefore if the planet is well-placed in your horoscope, it can provide immense benefits. To receive maximum benefits for people with weak Jupiter, it is advisable to wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.