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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone color therapy

Yellow Sapphire is known for its brilliance sparkling yellow colour.

Its colour, cuts and characteristics imparts it uniqueness. It also known to be the auspicious gemstone and is used by the masses for various purposes. There are other colours of Sapphire like pink, blue, orange, white green, etc. It is also used by women to deco them selves.Yellow Sapphire is called Pukhraj in Hindi.

Astrological implication

Pukhraj  is related with planet Jupiter. Jupiter planet is entitled as Guru among all the nine planets. It creates optimistic attitude in the lives of the persons.This known to be an auspicious planet. It signifies wealth, prosperity, fortune, marriage , health , etc. Benefits of Yellow Sapphire gemstones

This planet carries numerous benefits.

This is a gemstone that brings smile of fortune  in the life of wearer. It also brings lots of opportunities.

This stone is also fortunate for the unmarried girls. So this creates a marital accord in the lives of the unmarried girls.

Even the persons having depression can wear this stone to get rid of the overriding problem. It brings bliss in the lives of the people.

This stone can help the people to touch the pinnacles in their respective career.

Yellow Sapphire link with health

This gemstone has the power to cure

problems related to bones like joint pains

.It also helps in the problems lungs and piles

It also cures problems linked with kidney..

Yellow Sapphire pills heal heart diseases, cholera, dysentery.
Now another interesting thing in life is about the colours that affect the mind and you get attracted towards them. These colours may be of the clothes you wear , vehicles, etc .
These colours affect to create balance in the life.    This will happen many times in your life where you will be attracted and drawn to a certain color. These colors may be attributes of your apparel or your home, your vehicle etc.
Our body system consists of energy chakras and if one gets attracted towards a certain colour , then it brings harmony and balance in the body of an individual.
According to Astrology, for instance one gets attracted towards black colour during the period of Saturn.
Healers,and mystics have used colour therapy since time immemorial. Even there are specific colours during various occasion like weddings, religious rituals, etc.
Gemstone  colour therapy leads to increase in focus , improves and even balances the negativity.
Gems work through color therapy and are very effective.
Pukhraj Stone is the gemstone that brings fortune, freedom, relaxation and gets rid of the anxiety.

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