Yellow Sapphire Gemstone also called Pukhraj  is a natural occurring gemstone that belongs to the corundum family. As, it is clear from the name that yellow sapphire is a sapphire gemstone with yellow color. Sapphires are known for their excellent appealing colors and physical properties. Thus, yellow sapphire is a very special gemstone, embodies all distinguished properties of the sapphire family.

Physical Properties:

What is Hardness of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone? It is around 9.0 on Mohs scale

What is Specific Gravity of Yellow Sapphire? It is between 3.99 to 4.01.

What is Refractive index of Yellow Sapphire? It is between 1.760-1.768.

Where to Buy Natural Certified Yellow Sapphire GemStone Online:

There are so many online stores available where you can buy sapphires. Most of the online stores are also fake with no physical ready inventory of Gemstones. Online stores with real time available inventory, or stores operating under OMNI mode with both online stores having physical outlets must always be preferred. Good Brands line 9Gem, BlueNile, etc can be relied upon who can ship globally.   While buying any gemstone the quality of a stone must be taken care of. Gemstones are purchased always based on their 4C grading, more details about 4C are given below.

Different Grades of Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj

Grading of Yellow Sapphire is done according to 4Cs. 4Cs stands for Cut of Gemstone, Color of Gemstone,  Clarity of Gemstone and finally Weight of Gemstone.  The better the cut, color & clarity and higher the weight of Gemstone, higher will be the grade of that gemstone. There are different types of local conventions used to Grade Gemstones but most popular is as under:

  1. Normal Grade Yellow Sapphire

  2. Fine Grade Yellow sapphire

  3. Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire

  4. Super Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire

1. Normal Grade Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Normal Grade refers to normal cut, color & normal clarity. Normal color refers to light yellow color tones. All gemstones have birth marks which are scientifically referred to as inclusions. Normal clarity refers to inclusions that can be seen with bare eyes. However, the price of the Normal Grade Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is reasonable and within budget so that anybody can purchase this gemstone. The quality of the stone is average and is quite benevolent option for those who want to wear this stone without spending too much money. The price of one ratti yellow sapphire or pukhraj gemstone is around USD 50+ per carat or  INR 2100+  per ratti (120mg).

2. Fine Grade Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

Fine Grade Yellow Sapphire has either Good Color or Good Clarity. Good color refers to light to good yellow color and good clarity refers to less birth marks i.e. inclusions. If color is more yellow clarity part will be less and if clarity is good, color will be light yellow. So fine grade yellow sapphire gemstone will have less inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter the price of the stone is around USD 70+ per carat or  INR 3500+  per ratti (120mg).

3. Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire GemStone:

Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire has good color and good clarity. Good color refers to good yellow color and good clarity refers to very less inclusions in gemstones. The premium grade yellow sapphire gemstone  is indeed very good quality gemstone. It encompasses only little inclusion that is barely seen with the naked eyes. The cut, clarity and inclusions make this stone one of the best looking gemstone. Thus, considering the overall facts in the favor of this stone, the price of yellow sapphire will range from USD 110+ per carat or  INR 5000+  per ratti (120mg).

4. Super Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire GemStone:

Super Premium Grade Yellow Sapphire has super fine cut, color and super fine clarity. Super fine cut refers to beautiful lustrous excellent cuts. And color and clarity obviously good deep yellow colors and very very small inclusions. The super premium grade yellow sapphire gemstones are the top quality gemstones. On the parameter of quality these stones are everybody’s dream gemstone. Its moreover a combination of need and luxury.  However, if the features, like excellent cut, deep yellow color and VVS Clarity, are taken into consideration the price of super premium never seems out of budget, since such gemstones are rare and can be called a master piece. The price of one carat super premium yellow sapphire gemstone starts from  USD 250 per carat INR10000+ per ratti (120mg).

Benefits Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The yellow sapphire stone (also known as pukhraj stone in Hindi) is not only famous for its brilliant physical properties, but is also invaluable gemstone as far as the astrological properties are concerned. The yellow sapphire stone promotes the wisdom, fortune, intellect and financial abundance. It also evokes the creativity of a person by indulging deep down into his mind.

The yellow sapphire stone supports in the formulation of ideas and future goal as well as it is advocated to be worn for marital bliss, to get marital purpose, male child, improve finances etc. Yellow Sapphire is mentioned to be associated with the auspicious planet Jupiter, which has obtained the position of the most benign planet among all active planets in the universe.

It bestows or grants the following benefits in the life of its wearer.

  • Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj Ratna is termed as the most auspicious stone due to its affliction with the auspicious planet Jupiter. Thus, by wearing this gemstone a person can avail enormous positive energy in his/her life.
  • Jupiter blessed yellow sapphire injects love and harmony in marital relations. Therefore, it is advocated that married couples should wear this stone. Moreover, girls who wish to get married in reputed families can also wear this stone.
  • Jupiter signifies intellect and wisdom, thus wearing this valuable gem assists in bringing wisdom and positive thinking in one’s mind. And, helps in dispelling the negativity from the mind of a person.
  • Yellow sapphire is birthstone for Sagittarius and it is quite benevolent to those who born under this sign if they adopt this stone.