8 Points To Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Rings


There is nothing as wonderful as the early morning sun and the stunning yellow rays coming out of it. If someone can express this wonder in a tangible thing than the perfect description would be the splendid brilliance of the Yellow Sapphire gemstone.

The beauty and the properties that these gemstones carry, have made them a preferred alternative to the diamonds when it comes to picking gemstones for engagement rings. However, there are a few points that one must consider before buy yellow sapphire ring. 8 Points To Consider Before Buying Yellow Sapphire Rings let’s take a look at them:

  • Color

Natural yellow sapphire is available in a wide range of colors such as the subtle pastel yellow, lemon yellow, golden yellow or the vibrant canary. While in every shade this stone exudes a spectacular gleam, but it is the vibrant canary which is one of the most demanded ones. So, when choosing a yellow sapphire ring, make sure you pick a gem with such a color that matches your taste and preference in the best way possible.

  • Clarity

Classified as Type I clarity gemstone, a natural yellow sapphire stone is usually free from inclusions and comes with a fabulous, flawless appearance. However, an absolutely flawless stone is a rare find, and that’s why care should be taken while buying this stone’s ring as it may be embedded with synthetic yellow sapphire and not a natural one.

  • Cut

When it comes to the beauty and shine of this gem, it depends a lot on the cut of the stone. Thus, yellow sapphire gem should be cut in such a shape that color and light pass through it, creating a delightful luster that is hard to miss.

  • Heat Treatment

Often, the color and transparency of a yellow sapphire are enhanced using heat treatment. Therefore, caution must be exercised while buying this stone and you must ask for proper documentation to know if the gemstone has undergone any healing process or not.


  • Carat

Another aspect that needs your attention while buying a yellow sapphire stone ring is the weight of the gem. The larger the gem, the rarer it would be to find it, and hence it will demand a high price too. If you are a lover of big gems, then it is good to know that finding yellow sapphire above 5 carats of weight is a tough task, thanks to their rarity.

  • Rarity

As already mentioned, finding high quality, natural yellow sapphires is a rare phenomenon. So, when you buy a yellow sapphire gem. Make sure that you are buying an authentic stone that is not an imitation.


  • Origin

There are various sources of yellow sapphires all over the world. Some of the prominent ones amongst them are Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand. Usually, the origin does have an impact on the quality of the stone. So, ensure that you know where your ring’s gem is coming from.

  • Price

For those who may not want to spend lavishly on a yellow diamond. A yellow sapphire ring can be a good choice to go for. Remember that the price depends on a variety of factors like the carat, cut, color and clarity grade of the stone. Pick a gem that suits your budget and wants perfectly and get that gorgeous yellow sapphire ring that you desire.

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