Facts Of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Type of Cleaning Advisability
Ultrasonic cleaning Usually safe, but never for fractures or cavity-filled stones.
Warm, soapy water Safe, but avoid strong detergents and vigorous scrubbing on oiled stones.
Steam cleaning Usually safe, but never for fractures or cavity-filled stones.

Yellow Sapphire Stone Care

Since yellow sapphire are difficult and durable, they are able to withstand a large number of cleaning techniques. Sapphires must not be put in boiling hot water. Your sapphire jewelry will be cleaned with a soft-bristled brush or a cloth with plain or soapy water. Avoid exposure to hairspray, perfume and chlorine, that can dull gemstones.

Instructions – Yellow Sapphire Gemstone should be worn in Tarjani or Anamica  Finger and should be worn on Thursday at 4 – 7 pm. Recommended for children, they should worn 2 – 2.5, for minor 3 – 4 ratti and for adults 5 – 12 ratti. Ring should be made of only Gold.

Effects of Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow sapphire stones are specifically recommended for married women wanting to start a family. Adept at warding off evil spirits, yellow sapphires are stated to have a sure impact on the immune system. If you’re around to embark on a new small business venture, put on your yellow sapphire jewelry. The gemstone is stated to improve concentration, which is usually especially helpful in achieving academic and professional goals. Also, it does not hurt that the gemstone is also identified to attract wealth.

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