difference between yellow sapphire and topaz

Difference Between Yellow Sapphire & Topaz Gemstone

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difference between yellow sapphire and topaz

Yellow Sapphire gemstone and topaz stone are highly appreciated for their colors and fascinating properties. People love to adore these both beautiful stones because of their features and beauty.

Since they have the same physical appearance, hence it becomes difficult to differentiate between yellow sapphire and topaz gemstone. So, in this blog, we are going to tell the main differences between yellow sapphire and topaz stone.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow sapphire gemstone is known as Pukhraj in Hindi is the light yellow color stone that appears immensely delicate and due to its rich color properties, this stone is tremendously popular among people all around the world.

Some important features of yellow sapphire gemstone:

  • The yellow sapphire stone belongs to the Corundum family and it is a hard mineral that can’t be easily breakable.
  • The stone is also termed in Hindi as “Pukhraj” stone, is spotted in various colors ranging from yellow, green, violet and pink.
  • The yellow sapphire gemstone popularity is increasing tremendously due to its characteristics to impact the lives of all living individuals in positive ways. Consequently, these reasons altogether aids in increasing the price of the yellow sapphire stone.
  • This stone is quite expensive and high in demand nowadays. Thus, many gem dealers take advantage of this situation and sell topaz instead of high-quality yellow sapphire stone since the appearance of yellow sapphire stone and topaz is quite identical.

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Topaz Gemstone

Topaz is naturally a colorless gemstone that reflects or resonates with different colors due to imperfection in its crystal structure.

In technical terms, the gemstone topaz is Allochromatic which means that the different colors which this stone reproduces or reflects are not due to the chemical compositions of the stone, although, it is due to defects that cause in the crystal structure of the topaz stone.

Some important features of Topaz gemstone:

  • There is a great diversity of colors in which Topaz stone spotted in ranging from red, yellow, pink, green, pink and violet.
  • A pure topaz stone is colorless, however, when impurities are forcefully added in this stone it originates in different colors. Unlike, yellow sapphire this stone is not pure, therefore, the price of the topaz stone is comparatively low in comparison to yellow sapphire.
  • However, due to almost absolutely appearance characteristics, fake gem dealers often try to sell a topaz stone in place of a natural yellow sapphire to multiply their profits.
  • Thus, keeping the above concern in mind must read the following points that will help you to differentiate between a topaz and yellow sapphire easily.
Yellow SapphireTopaz
CompositionSapphire belongs to the corundum family and is an oxide of aluminumTopaz is a silicate of aluminum.
Hardness9 on Mohs Scale8 on Mohs Scale

Differences In a Nutshell

  • The topaz stone is found in ample amount on earth, however, the yellow sapphire stone is not found in that large quantity.
  • The topaz stone is comparatively less expensive in comparison to yellow sapphire stone.
  • The price of a stone solely depends upon the qualities of the stone. Thus, on the basis of qualities the gem yellow sapphire succeeds topaz and therefore the price of topaz is less in comparison to yellow sapphire.
  • The yellow sapphire stone is denser than the topaz stone.
  • The yellow color of the yellow sapphire gemstone originates due to the chemical composition of the stone. However, the color varieties of topaz are consequences of defects in its chemical compositions.
  • The original yellow sapphire stone is considerably harder than topaz stone.
  • The topaz is a semi-precious stone, on the other hand, yellow sapphire is a precious gemstone.
  • The stone topaz has low specific gravity, whereas yellow sapphire stone has a higher specific gravity.