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In this Blog, you will learn Some Interesting and Important Facts about Yellow Sapphire. An incredible gemstone for astrology believers, Yellow Sapphire has several benefits. Also called the Pukhraj stone, this lovely gemstone has a soothing color and vividness.

As the yellow sapphire gem is for Jupiter, it carries the blessings of its ruling planet and provides the same to the stone users. So, if you are also planning to buy this September birthstone and wish to know more about it, here are some quick facts about this gem! discusses the important facts related to pukhraj gemstones with you.



Facts of Yellow Sapphire:

1. Composition and color:

Yellow sapphire( Pukhraj ) is a variety of corundum, the same mineral that forms rubies. Its vibrant yellow color is attributed to iron and titanium impurities. The intensity of the yellow can vary, ranging from pale yellow to deep golden hues.

2. Origin:

Major deposits of Yellow Sapphire can be found in countries like Sri Lanka, India, Australia, and Thailand. The origin of the gemstone can impact its quality and value. The best Yellow Sapphire comes from Sri Lanka.

3. Astrological Significance:

Yellow sapphire holds a special place in Vedic astrology. It is associated with the planet Jupiter, symbolizing wisdom, prosperity, and fortune. Wearing a yellow sapphire is believed to bring financial success and enhance one’s spiritual journey.

4. Durability:

Yellow sapphire is very durable, having a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale next to the diamond, which makes it best suited for everyday wear. This makes it an idle choice for various types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, and pendants.

5. Cut and Clarity:

The cut of a yellow sapphire is crucial in bringing out its brilliance and color. Clarity is also essential; gemstones with fewer inclusions are considered more valuable. Before buying a yellow sapphire, choose the gemstone with fewer inclusions and without any flaws like black spots or red spots. The more clarity, the better the results.

5.1 Faceting and shape:

The cut of a yellow sapphire refers to how well the gemstone has been shaped and faceted. The goal is to maximize the stone’s brilliance and enhance its natural color. The most common cut for yellow sapphires is the oval cut.

5.2 Proportions:

The proportions of the gemstone, including the arrangement and size of its facets, impact its ability to reflect and refract light. A well-cut yellow sapphire will display a pleasing balance of brightness and fire.

5.3 Inclusions:

Clarity in gemstones refers to the presence of internal flaws or inclusions. Inclusions are natural imperfections that can affect the gemstone’s transparency and appearance. Inclusions in yellow sapphires can include tiny crystals, gas bubbles, or other minerals.

6. Healing Properties:

Yellow sapphire is a gemstone that is cherished for its aesthetic beauty and valued for its believed healing properties in various alternative healing practices.

6.1 Stress Relief:

Yellow sapphire has calm energies that can help to release stress and anxiety. Wearing this gemstone promotes a sense of equality and emotional well-being.

6.2 Enhanced Creativity:

Yellow sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is linked to creativity and inspiration. It is believed to stimulate the creative side of individuals, encouraging them to express themselves more freely.                 

6.3 Enhanced Focus and Concentration:

The gemstone is said to improve mental clarity and concentration. It is believed to enhance intellectual abilities and support individuals in making informed decisions.

6.4 Spiritual Growth:

Yellow sapphire is considered a spiritually uplifting stone. It is believed to aid in the development of higher consciousness, connect the wearer with their spiritual self, and promote spiritual growth.

6.5 Protection from Negative Energies:

Yellow sapphire is said to act as a protective shield against negative energies. It is believed to create a barrier that prevents negative influences from affecting the wearer.


How to Take Care of Yellow Sapphire

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

Yellow sapphire should be protected from harsh chemicals that can damage its surface. Remove your jewelry before using cleaning agents or engaging in activities that involve exposure to chemicals.

2. Regular Cleaning:

Clean your yellow sapphire jewelry regularly using a soft brush, mild soap, and warm water. This helps remove accumulated dirt and oils, preserving the gemstone’s luster.

3. Professional Cleaning and Inspection:

Periodically, take your yellow sapphire jewelry to a professional jeweler for cleaning and inspection. They can identify and address any issues, such as loose settings or scratches.

Effects of Yellow Sapphire

1. Astrological Benefits:

Yellow sapphire ( Pukhraj ) holds a significant place in Vedic astrology and is associated with the planet Jupiter, also known as Guru. According to Vedic astrology, the yellow sapphire gemstone is believed to have numerous astrological benefits when worn by individuals according to their birth charts.

1.1 Jupiter Blessings:

Yellow sapphire is associated with the planet Jupiter. Wearing it attracts Jupiter’s positive energies.

1.2 Financial Prosperity:

Yellow Sapphires bring wealth, prosperity, and financial opportunities to the wearer. They are often recommended for individuals seeking business success or financial stability.

2. Mental and emotional Effects:

2.1  Wisdom and Clarity:

Yellow sapphire enhances wisdom, clarity of thought, and decision-making abilities. It is often recommended for individuals seeking intellectual growth.

2.2Positive Energy:

Wearing Yellow Sapphire promotes positive thinking and reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. It brings joy and happiness to the wearer.

3. Spiritual and Religious Growth:

3.1 Spiritual Growth:

Yellow sapphire is associated with spiritual growth and is often used in meditation practices. It enhances spiritual consciousness and awareness.

3.2 Protection:

In some cultures, yellow sapphire is a protective talisman that guards against negative energies and psychic attacks.


  1. Improvement in Relationships:

4.1  Marital Bliss: 

The gemstone is believed to strengthen marital relationships and bring harmony and understanding between couples.

4.2 Friendship:

Some traditions suggest that wearing yellow sapphire can enhance friendships and social connections.

5. Career and Education:

5.1 – Success in Education:

Yellow sapphire is recommended for students, as it enhances concentration, focus, and intellectual capabilities.

5.2 Career Advancement:

It is said to bring career growth and success opportunities, especially in fields related to teaching, law, and finance.


It’s important to approach these claims with a balanced perspective, and individuals interested in using gemstones for their potential benefits should consult with qualified astrologers or experts.


Pukhraj gemstones continue to captivate enthusiasts with their mesmerizing beauty, rich symbolism and alleged mystical properties. Whether worn for astrological purposes, cultural significance, or personal adornment, these gemstones hold a timeless allure that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. As we unravel the mysteries of Pukhraj gemstones, we gain a deeper appreciation for the enduring fascination they evoke and their profound impact on human history and imagination.

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