Important Facts About Pukhraj Gemstones


In this Blog you will know Some Interesting and Important Facts of Yellow Sapphire. An incredible gemstone for the believers in astrology, Yellow Sapphire comes with several benefits. Also, call the Pukhraj stone, this lovely gemstone possesses a soothing color and excellent vividness.

As the yellow sapphire gem is for the planet Jupiter, it carries the blessings of its ruling planet and provides the same to the users of the stone. So, if you are also planning to buy this September birthstone and wish to know more about it, then here are some quick facts about this gem!  discuss with you about the important facts relate to pukhraj gemstones.

Facts about Pukhraj

  1. The first facts of this gemstone is yellow sapphire gem belongs to the corundum family.
  2. It is the second hardest natural gemstone used in jewelry after diamond, thanks to its rank of 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.
  3. High-quality yellow sapphire gemstones are source from Sri Lanka.
  4. Yellow Sapphire can help in alleviating several medical conditions like stomach problems, diarrhea, dropsy, tuberculosis, skin problems, tumor, jaundice, ulcer, arthritis, impotence, heart diseases, knee, and joint pain, etc.
  5. This stone also helps in strengthening the body’s immune system and blood circulation.
  6. Those who face troubles associated with the functioning of the liver and pancreas can also be benefited by wearing this stone.
  7. According to astrology, those who suffer from chest pain and/or breathing disorders can wear this gemstone to get the relief they need.
  8. If Yellow Sapphire gemstone is kept in milk for 24 hours, there will be no change of color.
  9. Yellow Sapphire can bring immense wealth and fame in the wearer’s life.
  10. As the stone imparts wisdom and knowledge, it is highly beneficial for students and for those who are in the field of education.
  11. Yellow Sapphire brings marital bliss. Those who are facing trouble in their marriage can wear this stone to reap its benefits.
  12. The stone is also great for those women whose marriage is getting delay. By helping them find the right match, this stone can help overcome the delays in marriage.

Some Other Facts of Yellow Sapphire

After wearing yellow sapphire (Pukhraj stone), people can feel a positive change in their life. Their bonding with family members, friends, and life partners getting more strong. Wearing this beautiful gem can also bring better clarity and focus on one’s life. This stone is highly beneficial for Pisces ascendants as well as Sagittarius ascendants. Those who are in the legal field can use this stone to progress in their career.

Also, as the planet Jupiter has dharma or religion as its domain, those who are in religious or spiritual work can immensely benefit from this stone. Thus, it is a must-have stone for healers, preachers, priests, and spiritual counselors.

Yellow sapphire, in its natural and untreated form, is a ‘feel-good’ gemstone. By bringing positivity and hope in one’s life, they give them the optimism needs to overcome life’s struggles. Wearing this stone can help people engaged in businesses to run their dealings smoothly. Yellow sapphire gemstone is famous as Golden Sapphire.