Unmarried Girls Should Wear Yellow Sapphire To Get Married Soon


This is a quite common question about pukhraj gemstone that is usually asked by astrologers or even on the internet. Do you know that gemstones have benefits for both men and women, but their benefits are different from men to women?

Although the main purpose of a gemstone is to give benefits to all natives. Each planet relates to the particular gemstone, that blesses the natives with lots of benefits.

Gemstones are basically for making the position of a particular planet favourable in one’s horoscope.


Yellow Sapphire gemstone is the Gemstone of Brihaspati-Jupiter, and this planet is the signification for husband in a Female’s horoscope.

There is a general understanding among Astrologers that wearing a Yellow Sapphire expels the obstructions in marriage and favours the person with a decent marriage.

In North India, there is one popular say in Hindi

‘Kanya Ke Vivah main jab ho Raha ho Avrodh

Gyani Tab Karte Hain, Peetmani par Shodh’

In simple words, it implies that when the marriage of a young lady is getting postpone, then the shrew ones ponder on utilizing a Yellow Sapphire.

What gives a better outcome is an intensive investigation of the seventh house and the planets impacting it, marriage and relational connections.

Benefits of Planet Jupiter For Women

Let’s discuss pukhraj stone benefits for women. Do you know what actually the planet Jupiter represents in the horoscope of a woman? Well, Jupiter is the Karaka of her husband, means that it represents her husband.

Hence, a reinforced Jupiter in the horoscope of a woman implies a decent spouse and joyful married life. For unmarried young girls, it brings a decent life accomplice and an early marriage.

 Furthermore, it is the Karaka of flourishing and gold, which implies that the lady would have a prosperous existence, with a lot of overspending seeking her.

More or less, Jupiter is an extremely huge planet for a lady as it decides her marriage and additionally oversees her association with her significant other. Let’s discuss why unmarried girls should wear yellow sapphire to get married soon?


Is it advisable for girls to Wear Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow Sapphire is highly useful for unmarried girls who want to get married early and wants a good and compatible husband. But, it recommends that single girls wear yellow sapphire only after consulting their astrologers.

It is true that single girls who want to get married early can wear yellow sapphire, but it can  wear only if it is compatible with your horoscope.

So, unmarried girls can either wear yellow sapphire gemstone ring or pendant. Astrologers can tell you the exact weight and other instructions for wearing yellow sapphire after analysing your horoscope.

But, it is necessary that you wear  certify yellow sapphire gemstone that is unheated and untreated. is one of the leading gemstone suppliers that focus on yellow sapphire gemstones and has a wide range of stones that includes various shapes and sizes. They have certified gemstones from Gem Lab and all the stones are unheated and untreated. represents the description of each product like this:

Ceylon Astrological Pushparaag-Sapphire 6.15CT (10.25 Ratti)
Ceylon Astrological Pushparaag-Sapphire 6.15CT (10.25 Ratti)

Type: Yellow Sapphire
Item ID:      11280197
Origin: Sri Lanka
Size: L 12.19 mm x W:10.28 mm X D:5.18 mm
Shape: Oval
Treatment: Non-Heated, Non-Treated