Can Yellow Sapphire Gemstone and Ruby Gemstone Be Worn Together

Can Yellow Sapphire & Ruby Gemstone Be Worn Together?

Yellow Sapphire gemstone is associated with planet Jupiter that is the largest planet. It has all the powers of the planet Jupiter and hence it gives all this power to the person who wears this stone.

Being associated with the benevolent planet Jupiter, this stone has an infinite number of benefits for its wearer. Yellow Sapphire stone is also known as pukhraj stone bless the wearer with health, wealth and good luck.

Ruby gemstone is associated with the planet Sun that is considered as the primary source of energy and light for all living creatures. As we know that there could be no life without the Sun, so we can imagine the importance of the Sun.

Similarly, when we say that ruby stone is associated with the Sun, then think how users will be the Ruby gemstone for its wearer. Ruby gemstone bestows its wearer with confidence, health, better financial position and improves speech problems.

Now, the question arises whether yellow sapphire and Ruby gemstone can be worn together or not?

Well, just be patient as we will let you know about this combination in detail.

As mentioned above that yellow sapphire is connected with the planet Jupiter and ruby stone with planet Sun and according to Vedic astrology Sun and Jupiter are friendly planets which means that these gemstones can be worn together. The combination of wearing a ruby gemstone and yellow sapphire is not beneficial for all natives.

But yes, if you are born among the following ascendants, then this combination will give you gain of wealth, a boost of self-esteem and a good reputation.

So just read above, maybe you are the one who can wear this combination and can get maximum benefits from these stones.

Leo (Singh):

Sun turns into the Lagna Lord for individuals with Leo Lagna. Sun is the master of well-being, prosperity and overall comforts of Leo ascendants while Jupiter turns into the ruler of their imagination, educational achievement, and individual possessions.

In this way, they can likewise wear a combination of Yellow Sapphire and Ruby for ideal outcomes.

Note: Sometimes for Leo ascendants, Jupiter likewise turns into the lord of the house of struggle, dissatisfaction, and disappointment.  Subsequently, if the wearer experiences anything ominous in wearing this combination, then the wearer can replace yellow sapphire with a coral gemstone.

Aries (Mesh):

For individuals born in Mesh (Aries)  Lagna, Sun turns into the lord of his or her manifestations and advanced education. It also becomes the lord of factors related to kids while Jupiter turns into the ruler of the place of fortunes and professional achievement.

Hence, the combination of yellow sapphire and ruby will surely give you positive results related to luck, success, and children.

Note: Sometimes wearing the combination of these stones may bring more expenses for Aries ascendants. Hence, in that case, the individual can wear ruby gemstone with Coral gemstone.

Sagittarius (Dhanu):

Jupiter is the most auspicious and Lagna ruler for individuals born in Sagittarius Lagna. Yellow Sapphire would bestow its natives with achievement, good health, financial stability and peace of mind.

On the other hand, the Sun turns into the lord of Luck and professional success.

Note: Wearing a mix of Yellow Sapphire with Ruby is most positive for individuals with Sagittarius Lagna as Jupiter does not progress toward becoming lord of any inauspicious house in their horoscopes.

Hence, most astrologers recommend people who are born in this Lagna to wear a combination of yellow sapphire and ruby gemstone.

Ways of Wearing Yellow Sapphire and Ruby Gemstone

  • Yellow Sapphire gemstone and the ruby gemstone can be made in a single ring and can be worn on the ring finger.
  • These gemstones can also be worn with a single pendant.
  • They should be studded in the pendant in such a way that both yellow sapphire and ruby gemstone touches their body so that they can give positive results.

yellow sapphire and ruby ring

yellow sapphire and rubypendant