How To Identify Natural Gemstones Part – 1


As per astrologers the effect of gemstones on human beings are ubiquitous and it possesses sheer importance. However, in order to ensure these benevolent features in the life of a human being; the selection of gemstones on the basis of color, cut and the shape holds the equal importance alike choosing gemstones on the basis of horoscope or birth chart.

Thus, the quality of the gemstones can be tested in the laboratory. But, there are some key parameters that can be taken into the account, while buying nine gemstones or Navratnas. Since we know that there are nine planets that are listed below in order.

  • Sun (Ruby or Manik)
  • Moon (Pearl or Moti)
  • Mars (Red Coral or Moonga)
  • Mercury (Panna or Emerald)
  • Jupiter (Yellow Sapphire)
  • Saturn (Blue Sapphire)
  • Rahu (Hessonite or Gomedh)
  • Venus (Diamond or Heera)
  • Ketu (Cats Eye or Lehsuniya)

Ruby or Manik Gemstone


The ruby or Manik gemstone is associated with the massive planet Sun. It is the red color valuable gemstone that is shaped hexagon.  A ruby gemstone whose color resemblance close to pigeon’s blood is considered a first-class ruby stone.

How to identify Natural ruby gemstones?

  • A fine quality ruby stone will contain the following characteristics
  • A real ruby gemstone will be identified if by keeping the ruby stone in the presence of sunlight if it scatters red light all around then that stone is called a fine quality ruby stone.
  • If scrubbing a ruby gemstone against a wall or stone does not alter its shape, color, and weight. Then, one could say that it is the best quality ruby gemstone.
  • Another way to recognize a real ruby stone is that if ruby stone shines in a dark room, then it is regarded as natural and certified ruby stone.
  • In order to check the quality of the ruby stone, a person can immerse ruby gemstone in milk and consequently if the milk initiates to appear due to immersion of red ruby stone then it is a strong indication that ruby is the best quality.
  • To check the quality of the stone it should be kept in the front of the mirror and if by putting this stone in the front of the mirror if rays or ruby stone appear to disperse at the surface of the mirror then remember it is an original ruby stone.

Defects in Ruby Gemstone

  • If a ruby stone has the following defects then it should not be worn in order to escape from the ill –effects of the Sun.
  • Do not wear noiseless or mute ruby stone means, if dropping a ruby stone on earth, it does not produce any sound then that kind of ruby stone is avoided.
  • Do not buy a ruby stone that embodies any net or hook since it is an indication that it is not a real stone.
  • A ruby stone that holds any cut, point, hole or dusky should not be worn or purchased.
  • A ruby stone that is fringe or less transparent, tarnish in color or have a dash of honey color must be avoided.

Pearl stone or Moti Stone:



Following points aid in identifying real pearl gemstones

  • A pure pearl stone feels refreshing when it is kept on the eyes.
  • While examining pearl stone closely if it appears bubble surfaced or stone feels light or less weight than do not buy that stone.
  • If pearl stone has any rip or tear or line, then it must be checked that whether these defects are of a mirror or real pearl stone. Since, if it is fake pearl stone or mirror stone, then the rip of stone will have a luster or gleam. On other hand, a real or pure pearl stone won’t have any shine and moreover, the cut of the stone does not appear unnatural and it can’t be cleared.
  • If a real pearl stone is placed over the piece of ice it produces a strong sound. Conversely, a fake pearl stone won’t produce any sound.
  • The shape of pure or natural pearl stone is straight and it is not aligned. However, the shape of fake pearl stone is askew.
  • A real pearl stone shine will be enhanced by putting this stone in the urine of cow for 24 hours. On the other hand, the shine of cultural moti stone will not be changed or alter by doing this exercise.
  • Scrubbing the real pearl stone with seeds of rice enhances the shine of pearl stone. On the other hand, the shine or luster of the cultured pearl stone recedes by brushing this stone with seeds of rice.

Red Coral or Moonga Gemstones


The red coral is affiliated with the Mars planet. The color of the red coral is vermilion red.  This gemstone is unlike other stones not extracted from the mines.

However, it is being spotted in the sea on living planets that is called coral beads or Moonga plants. Thus, it is also called an organic gemstone.

Unlike other stones, it is not hard, although it is fringed on hardness scale red coral stone embarks 3.05 Moh scales.

The identification of real red coral gemstones

  • The red coral stone which is similar to ripe wood apple is considered the best or finest quality red coral stone.
  • The red coral stone that is round-shaped, straight, non-transparent and soft is also graded as fine quality red coral stone.
  • A moonga or red coral stone without holes, lines, the dash is considered as a natural red coral stone.
  • The red coral stone whose color matches with vermilion or scarlet is termed as finest quality coral stone.
  • An excellent quality red coral stone appears flat from every perspective. However, a fake stone appears uneven and appears having dot lines from each angle.
  • A real coral stone does not produce any sound when it is scrubbed in the mirror. On the other hand, a fake coral produces sound when it is brushed on the mirror.

Emerald Gemstone:


The emerald stone is correlated with the potent planet, Mercury. It is mandatory to spot faults in this stone since this stone is a hexagonal prism and if it is cut they are divided into different parts. An emerald or Panna stone that is velvety deep and grass color is acknowledged being the excellent quality coral stone. Moreover, while the studded emerald stone in jewelry items extra care is must since they are fragile.


Identification of real emerald gemstones:

The following point describes one how to distinguish between a fake and real Panna and emerald stone.

  • A person should refrain from wearing an emerald stone that has a cut or rips, two colors, black or yellow splash or dashes, brittle and shines less emerald stone.
  • Real emerald stone is green colored delicate or silky, transparent or semitransparent.  Real emerald stone is spotless and transparent.
  • A real emerald stone appears pink if it is examined from magnifier, however, a fake emerald will appear green color.
  • A fine quality emerald stone surface green color even in artificial light.
  • If a real emerald stone is brushed with turmeric powder the color of turmeric won’t change. On the other hand, scrubbing fake emerald stone with turmeric the color of turmeric will be red.
  • The real Panna stone will surface with small bubbles when it is to be looked with a magnifier. Conversely, a real Panna will appear totally clear.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


The stone is related to the auspicious planet Jupiter. The pure Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is of light yellow color. The yellow sapphire stone can possess a natural cut or split.

Identification of Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

  • The real yellow sapphire feels slightly heavy when it is kept on hand for some time.  The image of stone is clean and delicate and the seed of the stone is large and layer less.
  • The real yellow sapphire stone is soft and silky. The color of this stone is similar to the oleander flower.
  • The color of real yellow sapphire improves when it is being scrubbed against touchstone.
  • The two-colored or blackish yellow sapphire stones should be ignored since they are a specimen of original yellow sapphire created in modern labs.
  • The fine quality yellow sapphire gemstones has distinguished gleam and luster. The quality of the real yellow sapphire stone is estimated by the fact that fire can be ignited by scrubbing this stone.
  •  A real yellow sapphire stone will spill if it is being  pressed forcefully with  thumb and index finger
  • If a real yellow sapphire stone is heated upon the fire, then it will resemble the shape of the sinking Sun.
  • Apart from this, if a yellow sapphire stone contains any cut, split, then this kind of stone should not be worn.