How To Identify Natural Gemstones Part – 2


The quality of the gemstones can be test in the laboratory. But, there are some key parameters that can be taken into the account, while buying nine gemstones or Navratnas. Here, you will know some facts that is important for identify natural gemstones .

Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam Ratna)


The fastest acting planet among all available planets in the solar system is conferred being the ruler of blue sapphire stone.

By the word ruler we mean that stone blue sapphire absorbs the maximum amount of light emitt by this potential planet and wearing this stone can endow its wearer enormous positive results.

However, it is always suggested by the astrologers that a wearer should avoid wearing the fake or synthetic blue sapphire stone, since wearing a synthetic blue sapphire stone can instead of proving benign may act against its wearer.

Therefore, before buying this stone must pay an extra amount of attention to the quality of the stone.

Thus, keeping in mind the above-mentioned problem, a person may read these steps to distinguish between the real or fake diamond stones.

A real blue sapphire stone will be smooth, crystal clear and will possess an excellent gleam.

  • To identify a blue sapphire stone you can check its tone it means how dark stone is.
  • A natural blue sapphire will have a medium to higher tones. Instead of that, a pale or light color sapphire stone throws a clear indication that the stone is synthetic.
  • A fine quality blue sapphire will be cut in such an excellent way so that it appears symmetric or plane from every possible angle.
  • The cut of this stone will not look oblique from any angle. However, if you come across any stone that appears oblique or unsymmetrical then it is a clear indication that stone is of poor quality.
  • One more way to identify this stone is to bring any piece of straw closer to stone and if straw sticks to stone than it is a real blue sapphire stone.
  • The color which emits by a blue sapphire stone will appear asymmetric on a fake stone. Instead of that, in case of a real blue sapphire stone, the color appears proportional to the cubical prism.

Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed Stone)


The garnet or hessonite is acknowledged to be the gemstone for Rahu planet. The stone hessonite appears transparent, translucent and opaque.

Identification of Gomedh Stone

  • Generally, the appearance of Hessonite or garnet stone is proportional to the eyes of the nighthawk or eagle eye or more probably it is similar to cow urine due to its light pink or honey color.
  • The finest quality Hessonite or Gomedh stone is soft, clear and heavy and by examining stone closely one can see the shadow of honey color.
  • A fine quality Hessonite stone will look symmetrical and uniform for every angle when this stone is placed under the magnifier.
  • The real identification of this stone is that it reflects two colors if examines closely.

Cats Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia Stone):


The cat’s eye stone is an opaque gemstone which looks quite identical to cats eye.

This stone is for the planet Ketu that brings positive powers of Ketu in the birth chart of an individual.  To identify a real cat’s eye stone, one can go through the following steps.

  • A real cat’s eye stone has inclusions which can be visible with bare eyes. In cats eye stone there are two or three soot elements which distinguish this stone from other stones. Thus, the presence of these soots ensures that whether the stone is real or fake.

Diamond Gemstone (Heera):


This stone is relates to the potent planet, Venus. This stone is comes from different parts of the world in different colors.

The Diamond is an electrical insulator and does not allow passing light or current through it. The structure of stone is hexagonal having six dimensions. The stone is the toughest mineral in the world. Let’s see how one can identify a diamond stone.

  • A real diamond stone will allow passing a light wave from one side of the stone to another side. It means a diamond stone is completely transparent.
  • A real diamond stone has only the capability to reflect rainbow and scatters the rays in maximum quantity.
  • A real diamond stone has its own special shine that is not similar in any other stone. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish between a real and fake diamond stone by just looking at its color.
  • A real or natural diamond stone shines like a firefly in dark room or in the night.
  • Placing a diamond stone in sunlight will reflect rainbow rays or prism color that identifies a person whether this stone is real or fake.
  • The easiest way to identify a diamond stone is to try to scratch this stone with a hard material. Since we know that diamond is the hardest mineral and it is almost impossible to cut or scratch this stone. Therefore, to check the quality of the stone try to stone with scratch this hard material.

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