Why Yellow Sapphire Is Called Gemstone Of Fortune


Widely known as  Pukhraj , Yellow Sapphire gemstone brings great success to anyone who wears it. It is, thus, one of the most popular and fast-acting gemstones among the Navratans which is also call Gemstone of Fortune. It is thought to advance the economic position of the wearer and also likely to bring well-being, fortune and loving relationships in one’s life.

Rules by the planet Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire is bestows wisdom on the wearer. Planet Jupiter is considered to be the teacher of all the 9 planets in the solar system and  which represents all the qualities that the planet has. Jupiter, in fact, is the most auspicious planets of all the 9 planets and signifies fortune, wealth, loyalty, wisdom and intellect.
 The sapphire suits almost all the zodiac signs and is therefore loves a lot by wearers of all zodiac signs.

The Benefits of Wearing a Yellow Sapphire

Teachers of the navratnas or gemstones are relates with each of the planets in the solar system. These gemstones also absorb the positive rays sent by the planets and imbibe them in the lifestyle of the wearer. Needless to say, the yellow sapphire has immense astrological and physical benefits.

Some benefits of wearing a Yellow Sapphire includes:

  1. It removes the delay in the marriage of a girl. It not only brings stability in married life, but also improves fertility. Childless couples also wear Yellow Sapphire to conceive.
  2. The wearer of yellow sapphire champions law, ethics, wit, wisdom. 
  3.  It enhances the creative pursuit of academicians and authors
  4. Businessmen can specifically expect a boost in their business

Health Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

The yellow sapphire or best pukhraj stone is a great healer too.  Wearing yellow sapphire can also give impact your health.
  1. Some health issues it can resolve include jaundice, throat infection, protect the livers, lungs, ears and blood circulation, dropsy,  circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in the body.
  2. It brings mental peace and prosperity, intelligence, physical strength, good behaviour, long life, worldly happiness

Some Astrological Facts And Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Apart from this, those who are seeking spirituality, get enlightenment wearing the yellow sapphire gemstone. Individuals for whom Jupiter is a natural Yogakaraka can find great relief in Rāhu Mahadasha by wearing yellow sapphire.

Some Other Facts About Yellow Sapphire Gemstone of Fortune:-

A certified astrologer would be able to guide you in using the yellow sapphire gemstone. He can go through your horoscope and see if at all you need it. If the answer is positive, you can seek his advice as to how to wear it and the mantra that you should chant.
While purchasing or buy pukhraj ring online or gemstone, always ensure that you buy the natural product. If you buy synthetic products, it might have an adverse effect on the wearer. You can buy the gemstone online too. However, ensure that you get the certificate of authenticity.

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