Does Wearing Yellow Sapphire Bring Good Luck?


Does wearing yellow sapphire stone validates luck and fortune in the life of its native? It is a persisting question often being asked by the wearer to the astrologers.

The yellow sapphire gemstone is a precious stone which related to the propitious planet Jupiter. Jupiter signifies luck, prosperity, charm, diligence, love, and wisdom in the lives of its wearer.

Furthermore, Jupiter is claimed to be the Teacher of all planets in the universe. It recommends that wearing pukhraj stone will not carry any unfavorable results for its wearer.

Hence, any individual irrespective of his/her birth chart can wear promising yellow sapphire gemstone.

Nonetheless, natural yellow sapphire stone favors individuals born under the zodiac sign of the Sagittarius. Since yellow sapphire has the birthstone of the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Therefore, wearing Jupiter blessed pukhraj will bring an enormous number of superlative benedictions in the life of Sagittarius ascendants.

Does Wearing Yellow Sapphire Bring Good Luck?
Does Wearing Yellow Sapphire Bring Good Luck?

Now considering the above question that wearing yellow sapphire stone brings luck? And fortune in one’s life?

Yellow Sapphire for Good Luck

The above estimation is quite true. Since Yellow sapphire related to the planet Jupiter, which brings numerous positive results in the life of its wearer.

Moreover, it is carrying luck and fortune in wearer life. Hence, those individuals who are suffering from bad luck or misfortune should wearer yellow sapphire gemstone (also called pukhraj in Vedic astrology) which will help them to get rid-off misfortune and bad luck.

Now another question that evokes in the mind of a person that, does anyone can wear yellow sapphire to ensure luck and fortune?

Since Jupiter is a neutral planet which does not carry negative or vengeful energies with it. Thus, anyone who may be his/her zodiac sign can adopt this powerful and majestic gemstone to perceive good luck and fortune in their lives.

To gain luck and fortune in their lives one should wear only certified and natural yellow sapphire gemstone on Thursday morning with gold or then silver ring (if recommended) on the Index finger of the working hand. To buy an original yellow sapphire click here: