Yellow Sapphire – A Stylish And Elegant Trend


You would have often heard about the royalty and panache that Elegant sapphire carry. They can charm you at the very first look. Such is the brilliance of these amazing gemstones that they are not just beautiful, but also possess some mystical, powerful qualities that can change your life for the better.

One such truly stylish and elegant sapphire is the yellow sapphire gemstone. Known for its stunning yellow, sunny tone, this gemstone has become a favorite of many.

As a matter of fact, several women have started preferring yellow sapphire jewelry, mainly yellow sapphire rings for their engagement.

That’s because this alluring gem is not only strikingly gorgeous but also makes a unique and superb style statement.

Those who are born in the month of September could make the most of the benefits that the pukhraj stone brings along with it. The wearer gets to experience much more peace, joy, and contentment by including natural yellow sapphire in their life.

Yellow Sapphire Beauty


Well, the beauty of yellow sapphire stone has been the talk of the town for many eras now. It is certainly an exquisite and lovely combination of an attractive color and magnificence. From light-toned lemony sapphires to rich golden ones, you can find a range of colors that add beauty to your choice of gems.

With an intrinsic quality of being one of the best gemstones ever made available to the mankind, this stone has a great value amongst its counterparts.

Mostly the worth of a yellow sapphire gemstone depends on a number of factors like its color, clarity, cut, carat, quality, and treatment that it has undergone, just like any other gemstone.

Unheated yellow sapphires that have wonderful clarity and a beautiful color saturation often hold a lot of value, owing to their scarcity.

Yellow Sapphire Benefits

The Pukhraj stone has a deep association with astrology. It is believed that this gemstone has the power to bring affluence and prosperity for the wearers, particularly for those who are involved in trade and business of some kind. It can also protect the wearers from ghosts and evil spirits.

Apart from that, it is auspicious for new marriages to help the couples attain a blissful and happy life together. In fact, those who have been finding it difficult to get married can also be benefited with this gemstone.

Beneficial Facts of Yellow Sapphire from yellow sapphire stone

Above and beyond, there is a lot that this gemstone brings in to the life of the believers. It is said to give relief from a cough, fever, kidney problems and also from gastritis.

However, it is absolutely essential to have a natural, pure stone to get these results. Such a gem doesn’t have cracks or too many inclusions inside it. It is not dull looking or asymmetrical in shape.

You can quickly check the authenticity of a yellow sapphire. By placing it on top of a clean, white cloth and exposing it to the sunlight. If it is a real stone, without any flaws, then it will bring out a light-yellow reflection on the cloth.