Queries Of An Online Buyer For Yellow Sapphire Gemstone


Sapphires are attracting huge customer base because of their royal, exquisite look and magical astrological benefits. But today we are talking about the charming yellow sapphire and its mystique in the gemstone market. There is a lot which goes Buying Yellow Sapphire Online.

When it comes to online buying, people have many unanswered queries in their mind. Thus, in this blog, we have tried to clear some basic Gemology Queries related to Yellow Sapphire stone with the information compiled from our renowned gemologist.

How to know the authenticity of a Yellow Sapphire Gemstone when buying online?

The authenticity of your stone is important if you are buying it for astrological purpose. In India, There is a gamut of gemstone certification institutions in India, but GJPEC (Sponsored by The Ministry of Commerce and Industry) and GSI remain towering influences in this market because of government backing.

But in Private Companies, Gemlab Laboratories has become a reputed name for authentication and honesty. So make sure your online seller is providing you a Gem Certificate.

Am I Buying a Yellow Sapphire Online or a Yellow Topaz ?

Yellow Sapphire is of Precious Category and Yellow Topaz is merely a semi-precious substitute for it.

Now you certainly won’t like to pay a hefty amount for a semi-precious stone. Consult a learned gemologist to guide you to know the difference between the two.

Are Dark Color Sapphires more effective astrologically?

The color of a natural Gemstone depends upon its origin and treatments performed on it. Astrologically color is not important, the properties are.

These myths are created by astrologers. Only a darker tone of gemstone cannot guarantee results. Rather chances are high that your dark yellow sapphire is enhanced because naturally dark sapphires are too expensive.


How do I determine that a sapphire has not been heated?

Unless the gemstone is not tested by a reputed Gemological Laboratory, it is impossible to determine. Do not trust hit and trial tricks suggested by local astrologers to determine the naturalism of a gemstone.

After answering these main questions we are also giving here some more important factors to keep in mind while buying pukhraj online:

  1. A Yellow Sapphire will never have scratches or bubbles inside, will always give the flawless and smooth finish.
  2. The stone should not support any kind of dullness.
  3. A Real Yellow Sapphire cannot be scratched by steel, only a diamond can scrape it.
  4. Try to keep your pukhraj in milk for a day. A genuine one will not change color.
  5. Some online sellers are deceiving buyers by selling glass imitations of yellow sapphire.
  6. A yellow glass stone has quite smooth and curvy edges, whereas a natural one has complex cuts.
  7. Place your yellow sapphire on a pure white handkerchief, exposed to sunlight.
  8. An untreated real pukhraj will give a sharp yellow tint/hue on the spot where it reflects light. Its the tint is dim and dull it is an imitation stone.